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Houston High School might not appeal to many because of the size, but that what made it special to me. Whenever you need anything there wasn't a teacher or student that wouldn't help. The school has many activities to get the students involved within the school and/or community. Overall Houston High School, the teachers, my peers, and the organization I was in have gave me an good jumpstart for the "real world".
I’m currently in the 11th grade. It’s an okay school. They’re very great at motivating their students to want to be successful in life. They also do an awesome job at trying to help you with your school work even when you have completely gave up.
My experience at Houston High School has been okay so far. It just happened to be a small school that offers a small amount of things for students to do. However, the teachers and staff are friendly and are open to helping students that are in need of their services. They offer organizations such as Beta club, Anchor club, Archery, FFA, Solar Car, DECA, HOSA, French Honor society, Band, Choir, and FCA. I am in a some of these organizations and as a student we tend to become very involved in activities the school sponsors. I have made many friends at this school and hope to make more through the involvement that I am in throughout my last school year.
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Some of the teachers should change their attitudes toward their job. Also we should have more freedom as seniors than we do.
The school overall is great. The teachers are very helpful and always willing to help out if a student is struggling. The teachers here have made high school very enjoyable and have prepared me for college in many ways.
I love the way the teachers wants to help you learn. There's a lot of students within the school who always says they're going to drop out, but the teachers aren't having that. We learn on a higher education. Within some classes, we seem to go outside the box and explore more.
Teachers at my school are pretty great there job.
I love my teachers, they are easy to get along with.
Some of the teachers at my school really care about the students. My foreign language teacher really cares about us. She always asks us for different ways to help us learn. She wants to know what she can do to make her class easier for us to understand.
There are varieties of extracurricular activities, and many students are involved.
The atmosphere for learning has made learning to my highest potential extremely easy.
All teachers use different teaching styles for us.
Over all its pretty good.
I just wish it tasted better.
All punishment is to the tee.
As a small town we do not have a lot of funding for needed things.
Some for the teachers are older and they feel entitled to their job even if they do not do it.
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The activities are only ones that the school can afford, which is very limited.
We live in the south in a town where most of the kids get jobs working at local businesses. Most of these businesses are servers of Hispanics. Our high school does not teach Spanish, even though it would be very beneficial to the students who attend this school.
HHS offers a pretty decent variety and amount of sports. We're not great in football or band, but we're very good in slow and fast-pitch softball, baseball, tennis, and boys and girls basketball. Most of the students are involved in some type of sport or extracurricular activity such as FFA, FCA, BETA, Anchor, HOSA, or SolarCar. Our school has a community theater as well where anyone can participate and the performances are somewhat decent. Our school has an average amount of school spirit. It mostly depends on the sport. Some care and some don't. We have fitness opportunities such as weightlifting and boys athletics. The facilities are in pretty good shape. They could always use a little TLC though.
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