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Its good for childhood friends and some you will watch grow and mature in front of you. I have had some of the greatest of friends.
My High School has the most caring teachers and school board! I love the small town atmosphere and the fact everyone knows each other.
I like the school. And the teachers areally extremely nice. However, I am a transfer student from California and they won't give me all of the credits that I have earned making me credit deficit.
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I attended Houston High School for two years. The teachers were very nice, for the most part. The academics were decent, not that great but not awful at the same time. Athletics were not very impressive either.
I have gone to Houston High School for 3 years now and I have always been able to get good help from teachers! All clubs and other activities are very willing to work with each other and around your schedule to make sure you are able to be apart of everything you would like to be. Diversity is low, but that is partly because it is such a small school and town. One this that could be improved upon is to offer more AP and Dual Credit classes. Another improvement might be offer more college prep classes other than just English. Overall, for as small of a town as Houston is it is a pretty decent school and I have never had any major issues with any of the teachers or administration.
To be honest, it felt like most of the students were there just getting by on minimal effort. Some of the top ten in my graduating class were slackers.
For the most part, the school doesn't seem to distribute enough funding to the classroom. Teachers are often left to teach from aged textbooks and with old resources.
It just depends on the advisor
It's okay but I didn't choose to go to this school
Most of the teachers are great and do everything they can to help all students. There are a few teachers that do not, but they are mainly new teachers that do not have much experience yet.
some teachers are great, but because of the fact that we are a poor, rural district and the pay scale is very poor, we are constantly changing teachers and hiring what we can, which sometimes are not the best, they are many new, and older teachers who usually live in the area. We usually do not retain the best ones, who are usually offered more money somewhere else. This year we lost a superintendent, principal and many teachers.
we have a community storm shelter located at the east side of the high school parking lot, however, when I asked the superintendent what their policy was pertaining to an approaching storm, as their school buildings are very old, he said we go into the hall, cover our heads and hope for the best. Not good
there are options, however they are not encouraged or supported by parents and educators, there are several teachers who are outstanding, however the bulk of the students who really need this support often do not get it
small students body, everybody knows everybody, lots of FAVORITISM, which is not good. And being in the country, if you are part of the old time farmy folks then you are ok, if you are an outsiders, they don't like you
This school is an overall okay school. The students and teacher are all nice. Most teachers are willing to help. The food is the worst part about the school. Some teachers do not care about you or your grades which sometimes makes it hard.
I've only been out three weeks.
new cafeteria expanded this year, but the quality of food choices very limited.
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The middle school guidance counselor is a psycho path, we change administration constantly, which leads to inconsistency, there are a few good teachers, and the High school principal, and superintendent are great leaders.
very rural school with hardly any new or updated equipment at all.
A few teachers go above and beyond, but the majority especially high school and middle school, could care less.
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