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Small town school where everyone knows your name and your family. Your in smaller classes which offer the ability to get individualized assistance. You develop relationships with teachers, classmates & the community as a whole.
Houston High School is a great place to learn. It is very supportive and has small classes sizes. The teachers are great and go out of their way to help the students. Once a Hurricane Always a Hurricane!
There are many extracurriculars at Houston Schools. They are very knowledgeable and help students with homework or become better. Everyone supports them. The most popular one is knowledge bowl.
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My overall experience at Houston Schools has been good. I've been going here since the middle of kindergarten and I like it. It is a small school so you get to know your classmates well. My favorite experiences at Houston are the dances and class games during homecoming and also going to sporting events and being in sports. I would come to Houston again if I could do it all over again because the teachers are nice and make sure you are doing well, also there are many things to do in the small town of Houston.
Most teachers are available and make time to be available. Some teachers can be a little in the harsh side but some of the kids deserve it when they are being disrespectful.
We share a nurse with the elementary school, and sometimes they can'y get a nurse to come ot our school unless it is an emergency.
There are a few teachers who cannot control the loud kids in the classroom. This causes a lot of students to disrespect the teachers even more. I would say that the quality of my learning is about a 7 of 10. There are times when I am too afraid to ask a question in class because the teacher is known for making kids feel stupid. They do have good consistency in grading, however.
More can be done at the school by everyone there however it isn't a terrible place to be either.
If you are willing to work hard, it is possible to get a good educations here. We have four AP classes, which is impressive for a school of our size and a few other more difficult classes. There are other electives you can take that will get you to graduation without much work, there are several students who go that route. The workload is doable for even the hardest classes. The teacher want you to succeed, and if most of the class isn't, they will change the curriculum. Scheduling is easy and changing classes isn't a whole lot of hassle either. There aren't many academic clubs, but teachers work with you out of class on difficult subjects and you can find students who will as well. In the upper grades, its pretty common to slack off and not take hard classes. But not everyone is like that.
We only have one counselor. She cares about the students, but is not very organized and is a little understaffed. She is in charge of a lot clubs and has a lot on her plate. This makes it difficult to reach her at times and can make it even more difficult to have necessary forms filled out or sent. However, she is only human and has a genuine interest in helping students.
Houston is pretty safe in the sense that there are no gangs or gang related violence. The fights are often between two boys who don't get along, and rarely because a students is being bullied. Bully is complied of online bullying and snide comments aimed at students to subtly tear them down. Some of the boys can be aggressive in an attempt to get what they want, but none would seriously harm a girl. Alcohol is extremely prevalent, kids will come to school drunk or not come because they are drunk. Drugs are prevalent as well. While narcotics and other hard core drugs can be found, most students only do soft core drugs like marijuana. Once again, it is not uncommon for students to come to school high.
I learned a lot and enjoyed most of my classes. I like most of my teachers and the administration is a little hypocritical and outdated, but bearable. What I do not enjoy about my school is the students. They react to diversity with adversity and are not willing to explore any way of thinking other than the one they were raised with. Many say selfish, insulting, uncompassionate things but are unable to support them. However, they stand by these comments like mindless drones and do not allow themselves to think. The quote "everyone is born with a gift, but some never open it" is a perfect explanation of Houston's student body. There are a number of students who do not fall into this category, however, they often keep quite or even play along because they are intimidated by those who feel threatened by anything that is not them. The people with the biggest voices scream until everyone else is tired of trying to say anything intelligent. Not that these people are incapable on intelligence, but that they are unwilling to confront their own beliefs and those of others in a civilized manner and therefore resort to childish tantrums. It is exhausting and disheartening.
We are on the federal lunch program, so our lunches are healthy. There is no variety in the sense that you either get the main meal or the alternative. There are no options for vegetarians, vegans, or people with food allergies. The portions are very small, due to the federal program. I am petite and nonathletic and I feel hungry after lunch, so I can't imagine how an average-sized person or an athlete must feel. You must take a fruit and vegetable with your lunch, but the choice do not vary from day to day. The food is well-prepared and the chefs do as well as they can, but some days are better than others. However, I can assure you that they are just as fed up with the supplies they are given s the students.
Compared to many schools, Houston is very well behaved. We only have around 350 students so our principal knows almost everyone and is constantly patrolling the halls. He is very fair, but does not let anything slide. He is also very strict. . None of the teachers will allow a student to bully another student in front of them. Our dress code and open hours are a little too strict, however. No shorts above the length of your fingertips are allowed, along with no tank tops or bared midriffs. Technically you are not allowed to have an uncovered butt when you wear leggings either, but that rule isn't followed. You are not allowed to leave for lunch unless you have permission from the principal and a card that proves you were given permission. Only seniors are allowed to have open hours, and that is only during their second semester. You must have a card for this, too. There are exceptions for work or online students.
The only sports Houston has are football, basketball, softball, volleyball, baseball, and dance. Students can also participate in track, soccer, hockey, wrestling, and gymnastics but they have to play for the team of a neighboring school. There is favoritism among the sports, with some sports receiving new equipment more often or at better quality than others. I am not that big of a sports fan, so I do not attend many games. However, there is a large majority of the student body that does attend many of the games throughout the year. However, their behavior at the games ranges from supportive to negative and disrespectful. School rivalries have cause fights to break out that have suspended games and if the fans feel the team is playing how they should, they get very aggressive. Parents especially. Also, not everyone on the team gets equal playing time. Houston puts a big emphasis on winning.
Some of the teachers have trouble controlling the classroom, while others take the opposite extreme. We often have technical malfunctions that alter or delay the day's lesson. Some of the teacher's are not as well-rounded in their subjects as would be helpful. However, one must take into account that since Houston is a small school, teachers are sometimes expected to teach subjects that they were not adequately trained in. By adequate I mean so as they are not fluent in the subject, not that they do not have the proper licenses. However, all the teachers I have encountered are more than willing to help if a students is willing to put in as much effort as they are asking the teacher to. Every teacher wants their students to be successful so that the student will be a positive attribute to society.
There is not a huge variety of extracurricular activities because Houston is a very small school, and there are certain activities, sports mainly, that are shown favoritism. However, for a small school, we do have an impressive variety of extracurricular activities.
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We have many extra curricular activities offered from: dance, band, choir, and anti-bullying clubs, to football, basketball, student council, and national honor society. The leaders are always helpful and encouraging.
My school is fantastic. The teachers care about their students in both their academic success and their future success. The teaching ability of the teachers is top notch, and the students care about their studies and each other. It is a joy to go to school every day. I would choose to go to Houston High School again.
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