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this school is not a good school. the acedemics are horrable and teacher just pass you because they don't want to deal with you. I would never recommend this school to anyone. kids do drugs in the bathrooms and during school. who wants to go to a school where you don't learn anything and drug deals are constantly happening.
I was blessed to go to Houston High. The small, close community within the school was truly one of a kind.
The staff are amazing, helpful, and happy to be there. They should do a better job of keeping their religious views to themselves.
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Houston High School is an amazing and wonderful school with great teachers and a great community; I am proud to be known as a Houston Hawk.
Houston High school is a very good school. For example, we have excellent teachers who are always willing to help students in class and are always super kind. In addition, the bullying in our school is pretty much non-existent. Growing up I've had friends come from other schools because they had been harassed and bullied alot. So they came to Houston High school to find a safe haven of sorts to continue with their education. Here we are a small school but we are all accepted here and are safe. Furthermore, the only real draw back of Houston is that it is a poor school compared to most valley schools, and that hinders some of our opertunitiess to learn more subjects and sports. To conclude, I am proud to have had the privilege of attending Houston these past four years. And of having a safe school to call home.
I enjoyed my time here thoroughly. It was a small school, so the student body was a very tight knit community. Everyone was happy to be around each other, and the teachers were very helpful and motivated. The school could use more course variety, however. And I feel that they need to add more AP courses, so that their students will have a better opportunity to be academically competitive in college.
Houston High School is a very unique experience. Over all it is more of a family then a school, they try to make everyone feel welcome and have little to no "clicks". With the smaller student body there is a high teacher to student ratio then in most schools allowing there to be more one-on-one learning. The teacher make it point to help ALL students succeed. I defiantly have to say its the number one high school in the Mat-Su school district in my book.
Really good school. Haven't seen a staff member or a teacher that I didn't like, all the students at the school have a massive connection with each other being a small school.
There are a limited amount of clubs.
I would recommend playing sports.
They help when we need it.
Yearbook is one of the most helpful and involved clubs at school. It provides real world business schools, is a great way to make something that people will look at forever, and creates strong relationships with the advisors.
I really enjoyed creating relationships with my teachers and being able to get to know them so well. They provided me with encouragement and support. I also was very involved in clubs and athletics which increased the quality of my time at school. I would definitely do it again.
Many of the teachers make an effort to get to know students on a more personal level, and they are genuinely concerned about students' success and well being.
This school is very safe. There are backpacks with safety equipment in each classroom there are doors that automatically shut on lock downs or fire drills.
The clubs & activities at this school are very good because there is something for everyone, there is battle of the books, chess club, all different sports. A lot of students participate in them & really enjoy them.
I would choose this school again, everyone is super nonjudgmental there & you can always be yourself. The teachers help always in any way they can. The parents are very supportive to everyone not just there kids.
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I think that the teachers at my school are very good with the way they teach, they try to include songs, poems, projects whatever it takes to try & help every student learn. There is after school tutoring that teachers stay for to help out the kids that need it in there subjects.
While there was some, I feel like bullying didn't happen as much at Houston as it does in larger schools. That, I believe, is an advantage of it being a small school. Dress code was biased towards females, but wasn't unjustly enforced. No controversial policies. The principal wasn't highly involved in the every day. On a personal level, I'm not sure if I was affected directly by the principal at all.
Many of the teachers were great. What wasn't great was that they had to cater to the lowest common denominator, so may of us were unchallenged. Houston is also something of a "starter school," if you will. There's a constant supply of rotating positions occupied by teachers fresh out of college. While that's not inherently a bad thing, I did notice some instructors with an attitude that implied that they did not wish to be teaching at Houston.
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