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Houston Gateway Academy was a safe place where I could go and be myself. It was a second home to me. The teachers and academics were beyond remarkable. However, HGA does need a lot of changes. From a variety of classes, to more sports, to better lunches, and to even better lunches.
The size of the building is small. It not matter but it does. The school makes me feel crowded. The lack of space makes fewer opportunities. There is no gym. We have to rent another school's gym in other to practice or host a game.
My experience at Houston Gateway Academy was overall an average high school experience. The people are O.K. but, the staff are the ones who make school welcoming and exciting.
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New books and technologies for the students to learn with. Have a higher variety of after school programs not just sports and a band.
Most of the teachers are very understanding however, the administrators are very strict. The school strictly focuses on the academics rather than on school activities or sports. There is no field where the soccer teams can practice on or even have a game on. The softball and baseball teams are forced to practice at a nearby park due to the lack of facilities. Even the basketball team has to practice in the gym that belongs to a church located across the street of the school. I have attended the school since pre-k 3 and the main change I have seen was the increase in sports teams available to participate in.
I like this school because it's not a campus that has thousands of students and we all basically know each other, but in my opinion I feel like there should be more extracurricular activities for us to choose from and also better taste in the cafeteria school lunch.
Houston Gateway Academy was an okay school. The had good intentions but were unable to fulfill them. They lack many resources and do not have qualified staff.
This school needs more money to expand to better the students. It would be great if they could offer more classes as well as more sports. The building could also be expanded for more activities and classes.
What I liked about this school is that I had a good amount of time to be in each class because I feel like the longer I was in the class the more i acknowledged what I learned. Something that should be improved is the school hours. Having school until five in the afternoon is not a good time for students to get out of because students may be having a lot of homework and it could affect them especially after a long day at school. Also to those who attend after school programs such as the sports. Those student won't be able to have enough time to do their homework after being exhausted in to staying after school.
I would like Houston Gateway Academy to offer their students more Academics. They currently do not have any sports because they like to focus on the Educational side of things.
My experience at HGA was good. It was a safe sheltered environment, which I don't know if this is good or bad yet. A small school where everyone knows everyone. Very little bullying. A little on the strict side. Overall, I am glad I attended HGA.
It's a great school that goes from Pre-K3-12 grade. It provides it's students with scholarships after they graduate and the longer the students there the more money they will receive. Also the teachers are great. They develop good relationships with students and try their very best for their to pass.
This school is great with academics. Though it needs an actual library and more sports, other than soccer and band. Also, some other changes with the restrooms and some uniform rules with not allowing us to wear red jackets or shoes.
You can tell that for the most part, the teacher really know what they are doing. A lot of them have been working for that school for years and I can see why. They are fair with grading and workload they give you.
Everyone is devoted to getting you ahead in life. Yes you might not like their methods at times, but it's all for the better. In my culture there's a saying, " A parent or teacher will never give you bad advice.," and I truly believe this schools staff, ranging from principals, guidance counselors, teachers, even teacher aids, truly represent this saying.
My experience in this school is well, inexpiable. I have seen how the school as a whole has grown and how we've upgraded from trailer rooms to an actual building with a cafeteria. Sure we still lack a few basic facilities every school needs, but even with out all this we are still up there with other top charter schools, even public schools. The friends and bonds you make here are amazing, grade levels as a whole, heck the entire school, knows each other. It's just a great place to be, we take many things they offer for granted, like scholarships, final exemptions, early senior and Friday dismissals, and best of all dual credit classes to get you ahead in college. Yeah, I would recommend this school to someone who is serious about their education.
Not until recently did many extracurricular activity organizations start popping up. They've had a soccer team and marching band for about four years, however, many other organizations such as Choir, Chess Club, Math Olympiads, Science Teams, Spelling Bees, even volleyball, have only been around for two or three years.
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Seeing as how we are a small school we do lack a lot of things that could make our science labs more entertaining, our building is rather small so easy to maintain, and lastly the school could use more recreational areas other than a little space in the third floor. However, we are happy and make do with what we have.
They clean hallways, rooms, and restroom just about every period. As far as safety goes, a lot of people come in and out. However, we are located in a rather quiet neighborhood so that makes it somewhat safe, but no we don't have a security guard like public high schools do, since we are a charter school.
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