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I love coming to school everyday. The staff is so professional and helpful with all of my needs. Our campus is always so clean. One of my favorite things about my school is the number of programs and clubs my school has to offer.
Houston County High School expects excellence and provides all of the resources and support necessary for success in the classroom as well as the real world. Teachers and administration really care about the students and make every effort to assist you.
The teachers are really nice and genuinely want to see you graduate. The campus is always kept very clean and the food is great.
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My experience with Houston County High School has mixed feelings, in the beginning I didn’t believe it wast great experience until I actually got involved. Getting involved has helped make new friends and make high school a better experience
I am a Houston County High School senior this year. It is really fun to be in a school where people get along well. The class size are just right for me to feel comfortable in there. The school have not change a whole lot when I am there, but it is a great place to be because how involved people am. The administrator made it like that took pride in making the school the way it is now, and people take pride in the school. The teachers are proud of the school because there is school pride in and out of school. I want the school to be like that, and people feel proud to be in this school.
I am a senior at Houston County High school. This is also my first year attending Houston County High, better known as "Hoco". As a new student, i must say the teachers and administrators are very welcoming and about a handful of student. The school has magnificent teachers and there is hardly any drama or threats at the school. Also, the school is not too hard to get around, its not small but it is the right amount of size. Houston County High has the best custodial service in the district. Although, I do wish they would be a little quicker with refilling the soaps in the restrooms and I i'd also like if they would serve breakfast outside so that the student who athends career academy during the first two periods, can eat before startig their day.
Houston county is a great school to attend. The teachers are willing to help and work hard to allow students to enjoy their time there. We are family and work hard to keep positive experiences as a part of our culture.
Academics are very important at this school, though it would be nice to see certain teachers implement this at the same level as others.
Concentration of resources for the arts and smaller sports are not given since everything is revolved around football season.
Administration is power hungry.
My experience at Houston County High School was good, the school had some downfalls and certain social issues that should have been addressed. Another reason how my experience better because I had to be open-minded since the school was very diverse, which also played a good part in my experience as well.I would love to be changed at Houston County High. The administrative team should communicate more to their students. Pay more attention to other departments and clubs versus athletics. Other clubs and organization should get their recognition just as much as the athletic department.
Great school, great teachers, and amazing choices in curriculum. Sports and academics go hand-in-hand. I wouldn’t change a thing about this school. It must be one-off
The best in the state and possibly the Southeast. I have been fortunate to attend HOCO. I am proud to have gone there and very pleased my younger brother attends as well. My mom is a teacher and former military spouse and she says HOCO and all the schools in this city are among the best we have ever been associated with. The quality of education is the best by far. I have been fortunate to have attended HOCO.
Houston County is a great school academically. It allows the learning environment to be comfortable and enjoyable. One thing I would change is the student involvement. There weren't many pep rallies or school activities we could actually make people enjoy.
The school is highly diverse and very unified. Student represent the school with pride and show the proper standard for Houston county. Yet the hallways become very crowded and I hope for larger doors or more routes to classes.
I very much loved the atmosphere at Houston county high school that was enhanced not only by students but administrators as well. Through the course of my 3 years so far I have grown close my my counselor and our principal they’re always checking up on us students and talkeing to us about our specific curricular. They know us all and genuinely care about or goals and aspirations.
it's okay, heavy influence by sports and rural-esque school. Not a student bias but a staff and admin review. Good school because I never had a choice on where I could go so I wouldn't know if the environment I'm in is better than any other school but academically and opportunity wise, I wish there was more:(
Houston County High is a great school, I would like to see teacher/admin relationship with students improve.
I attended this school for a total of two years and it was alright for a high school. The food was the same garbage you'll find anywhere else in the country, the teachers were about the same. You'll have a few great ones, and few who don't know how to teach, even though they've been doing it for over five years. School spirit is practically nonexistent, right along with the pep rallies. One way to have a good time is if you do sports. If youre not athletically inclined? sucks to be you.
I had a great experience at Houston County High School during my time there. The classes were great and he teachers were great.
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My son is very involved in the band. The band is top notch! The best in the county! The students are playing at levels higher than expected and the directors are willing to teach any instrument to any child. FUN!

Academically, they really push Dual Enrolment. My son will be able to graduate with 45 college credit hours upon graduation.
Houston county can sometimes treat students very unfairly especially if things aren't done how they exactly want it to be, almost as it is a game of politics.
I loved how involved students are in the school and how excited teachers are. A thing I would like to see Houston County change would be students and faculty being more interested in the other sport teams instead of just football.
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