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Houston County High School is a great community and all around school. They have wonderful teachers but the kids are a handful. I work with the CDC kids and I go around the school with them, but some of the things people say to them are just uncalled for. They are so mean , I think they need to control bullying better.
HCHS is a small school, so there is not much diversity and fewer resources than would accompany a larger school in a more urban area, but there is a family-like atmosphere and good opportunity for success. I've enjoyed my time here.
HCHS{Erin, Tn.} do not follow any kind of laws well the fact of the matter is neither does this County. They make their own. I will not stop until the "right justice" is found and done. I will NOT EVER GIVE UP. They deserve NO STARS but I had to give 1. See, "WRONG" Oh I did give 5 stars for parent to me this means not kissing booty or who's most popular but to those parents who are like me those are for you.
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I liked the school being small and not having to deal with problems at other big schools like having two stories, or a butt load of drama and everyone knows everyone which is usually good but sometimes not so good. I would change walking time, mandatory "healthy" eating, and 30-minute time altogether. I don't see a point in any of the above.
So far so good! Seems to be treating me right. No complaints. I'm new to this whole thing, so give me a few to get warmed up to it.
Not many after school activities provided
Im not sure if I would go to this school again if I could. We aren't updated in many areas. Nothing is taken too seriously
They provide us with the standards given and it's strictly based on that.
The school is a great place. The school has a great environment
The teachers have great teaching styles, They are always willing to stay after school to help students who are struggling.
I think the safety at this school is still above average because of its size. The bullying policy is about average. It isn't a huge problem.
There are limited clubs and organizations but they are growing and the staff are very involved.
I would choose this school again because it was great to be a small school and know everyone that was in your graduating class.
I believe the majority of the teachers are qualified teachers in their fields and most of them go the extra mile to help if needed.
Academics were mostly for sports/for the really smart students&the teachers in the computer lab they really help you to strive&acieve your goals if computers was a major that you are persuing...our work load wasn't bad at all,the teachers give homewrk mostly students already knew the answers&for those students who didn't some teachers would help the students to get the correct answers/put them in the right direction to find the answers
Bullying do occur but our police security shuts it down before it can even Esculate,our security is pretty quick&alert on things that Shouldn't be happening...As far as health programs our school doesn't offer any,but the school nurse is knowledgeable on alot of symptoms if you become sick/hurt;To me&just my opinion HCHS is a safe school&in a good environment,guess being in a small town has alot to do with that so I feel/felt safe the 4yrs.I was attending there...
I didn't really have any post experiences I was just ready to graduate&be able to start college at a school where I can get some knowledge&preparation for the real world that I wasn't able to get from high school
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Students are always involved in athletic activity especially when it comes to pep rallies when it is a football/basketball games,but as far as tennis,volley ball,other sports the school doesn't show/have much school spirits&that hurts the team as well as the school cause then the school might consider cutting that sport because of lack of team&school support
Houston county high like most schools have its share of diverse opinions,but this school is diverse in sex as well as race,it is&can be very hard and difficult to deal with a school where you have teachers,staff&students that are some what racist,yeah they try not to make it so noticeable but you can tell it when you go to the bathroom&the only stall that is available is the one you came out of&the person waitin would rather wait on another stall/when you go to the office to get something&they will put it down on the table/desk instead of in your scene is pretty much basic different people are in their own little group/click,you have your preps,nerds,genius,your popular students&not so popular students,peer pressure has happened a time/two by students who just want to fit in&have a friend but because of that students will allow themselves to be pressured into things that they don't have to do&I think that is sad
Food at the school is great(that is if you have money to buy the good food)they do have alot of healthy food for you to eat ,so I like the salads,vegetables,etc.but on some days I want the good good food like burgers,pizza,fries etc,school cafeteria is awesome compared to our old one so I am thankful for getting a new cafeteria,the staff in the cafeteria they are great as well&I love how a few of them knows you&what you eat so well to where they already have your plate ready for you,they are the we really don't have they just have a digital board that tells you what we are having
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