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Houston County High School Reviews

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Houston county high school is a good school but is overall a boring school. The lunch food isn’t that good and it lacks some activities and classes. It only gets exciting during football season and sometimes during basketball season.
If you’re worried about your child actually getting a education and doing well in college, do not send them here. Only 3 people went off to a 4 year college in the 2016 class. Everyone who went to Wallace and a 4 year college had to be in remedial math. This school runs off people who have went to school there previously or have been in the area for years & year. The condition of this school is awful. I can not believe they haven’t done anything about it. There is mold on the walls in the lunch room from where when it rains the rain runs down the walls, they have to put garbage cans out while people are eating their food to catch the rain when it rains, and inside the classroom you can just walk in and smell mold. This school had teacher sleeping with teachers, teachers sleeping with the cop, and also teachers sleeping with previous students. I think this school is worried about all the wrong things and should get a grip because it’s embarrassing for alums.
For the most part teachers care about the students
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If you're a great player. Scholarships are a plus!
Great Principal, who cares about the students!
Our school is making sure all student are safe.
We have a great principal. He is always helpful!
The National Honor Society is a great club to be in.
I have a strong relationship with my g. counselor.
Houston County High School was an awesome school!
There is no violence that affects me at this school.
It could be better, but it is manageable at this school.
There are not many extracurriculars at this school.
They are all hard working and fun to be around teachers.
The food at this school will make you gag at different levels.
Student involvement is poor. Team performance is a plus. Fan support is also a plus.
Most of the teachers are good, only one bad.
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I had some good teachers and I also had some bad. Mostly one was bad.
Drivers are great, the kids are not though. The bus routes, at least mine, was typically very long. Another bus to take off a route would help definitely.
Principal was not helpful nor caring about the students. He mostly just cared about his favorites: athletes, his spies, and a few others. He was against all fun or creative ideas proposed by students and overall was very ineffective.
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