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Houston Community College - Life Skills Program Reviews

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I think that this program is alright and the campus is pretty decent too. I think that Houston Community College is a pretty good campus when it comes to education the classes are nice and some teachers are decent enough to be considered nice. But overall the campus is nice and I would recommend this campus but only for the academics.
Houston Community college offers numerous fields of study at a very affordable price! They also have plenty of resources to choose from; whether it is scholarships, volunteer opportunities, honor societies, and so much more! They also tend to cater to our needs, and offer the flexibility some of us need due to life demanding things we have going on outside of school. Houston Community College offer the help you need in a time of crisis, all you have to do is reach out to them. I have heard many heart felt stories of how HCC has positively impacted lives.
What I liked about Houston Community College is that the environment is very good you have a lot of time on your schedule and the school goes off your life schedule and work schedule the teachers are very hands on with the students HCC is a great school to start your career for an associates degree
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I like the one-on-one opportunity with the professors that gives me a chance to ask questions about the course instead of going through a TA. Too many buildings, no space for parking, not enough materials for the science department in order to perform majority of the experiments required for certain topics
The facilities here are very good. The admission process is instructed clearly. The tuition fee is low. Houston Community College is a two-year program with easy enrollment. You need to score a TOEFL score of 80 or an IELTS score of 5.5 to qualify for college. In addition, you can take the COMPASS test, and this test is much easier than TOEFL or IELTS. The tuition fee is not too expensive and you can save a lot of money compared to studying straight 4 years of college. Tuition costs about 5000 per year (2 terms) with 12 credits. Upon successful completion of the program at HCC, you may be transferred to a four-year university to obtain a university degree.
Great place to study with good teacher and open people. I am currently student at Houston community college and I swear we learn good with easiest way.
A great community college for getting the basics done and saving a lot of money compared to a big university. Campus isn't too big but not too small. There is much diversity in the students and teachers. Everyone seems to be very helpful to one another
Houston community college is a great college with lots of majors and very little tuition. Our professors are very excited to teach their students and love creating relationships with them, advisors are always there to help you and are very nice.
My teachers are great. They help us learn about life in general not just about the academics. We learn something new about life everyday that we can put to use.
I liked that the teachers were genuinely interested in seeing students succeed. I learned many important, hard lessons about going to this school, and I really like the calm atmosphere.
I am currently enrolled as a freshman at Houston Community College for the 2018-2019 school year. My experience has been nothing short of amazing since arriving here. Certain opportunities have been presented to me, that I never would have imagined. Such as Work Study positions, Networking scenarios, etc. I couldn't have chosen a more reliable institution, in my humble opinion.
Houston Community College offers a wide range of programs and classes for students. Due to the multi-campus layout, it is difficult to find a single adviser to talk to and plan with, though most people on campus can questions for you.
It's a great college. All administration staff are very friendly and nice. They are always willing to help.
Personally, I like that the college has people for everyone to talk to. Meaning that each student has at least a someone in the faculty to talk about what's going on with them. The college is a diverse society. The classrooms are another thing to like. Compared to how in other colleges or universities are, this college's classes are just like any in a high school. They are usually from 20-30 students in each class. Something that obviously everyone would like to have a one on one conversation with their proffesor.
It is easy to apply. There’s so many academics to choose from. They also have many locations. The teachers are nice and good for your career choice.
I started hcc back in 2016 just to deal with my basics, but I had a great time here. I met good people who would help me when I'm in need and the campus offer many services whenever I need it.
My overall experience in the life skills program have to be outstanding, I've learned so much by the employees and individuals who are with thin the program. The programs help attract top talent to the district and improve the lives of our highly skilled workforce.
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I was interested in bringing my management, strategic planning, auditing, and business analyst skills to an arts organization, but soon learned that the nonprofit sector faces challenges not seen on the corporate side. I thought that HCC might be a great fit and help me make that transition—and could not have been more pleased with my choice.
I did my Nursing prereqs at HCC. I saved a lot of money and had the best professors throughout the four semesters. The different locations of HCC help the students to find the best professors for all the classes. I had the best college experience from HCC and thanks to all the HCC professors. I got a lot of scholarships without even applying. I could use all those scholarship money for my bachelor's degree.
HCC is the best when it comes to cultural diversity because it takes into consideration the problems international students mostly face, which is, finance.
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