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What I liked about HAIS was the freedom. Coming from a Montessori school, I realized that freedom was important for my learning because it allowed me to learn at a pace I was comfortable with and HAIS in a way, offered me that. Moreover, HAIS offers many opportunities, especially with it being an early college high school and it requiring students to go to internships during their senior year. HAIS has allowed me to network and expand on areas of study I would have never experienced in a normal high school.
This school helped me develop the skills needed for college. Everyone was always so understanding and helpful.
Although it is a small campus, it feels like a family. They support you with everything and they ensure you get into a good college. Not to mention the fact that study abroad is encouraged every year!
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I very much enjoyed my high school experience being at Houston Academy for International Studies not only was it a charter school and taught us the value of education but it also gave me the privilege of learning about different studies around the world. They offered Chinese and Spanish classes for our Language class, it was one of the best classes I have taken. One of the things I would change about the school is possibly adding sports, I think incorporating sports would benefit students and have more involvement within the school, faculty, and students.
My experience at HAIS has been good for the most part. I love the fact that going to this school has opened up so many doors for me. Attending this high school has helped me participate in debate, soccer, and even study abroad in Chile. The school is very encouraging when it comes to studying abroad doing so really widens your horizons. One thing I would change about this school however would be its campus. I think it's time for HAIS to be upgraded, we don't even have elevators for the disabled.
I was able to travel abroad and and meet people of different cultures. The teachers were able to teach me everything I know and I was very grateful.
I think HAIS is the school for you if you don't care about having a normal high school experience. The sports aren't that great and we didn't have a home coming dance last year, but you do get an associates degree when you graduate. You also get the opportunity to study abroad if you're interested in that kind of thing.
I enjoyed the small and closeness of the school; it made it easier to connect and grow with students together as a class. The administration is poorly put together and unorganized. The school lunch system is not very good as students were not able to access their free lunch because of previous charges they still owed. The school lacks spirit and does not get much involvement with the students.
I have gone to Houston Academy for International studies for the past 3 years of my high school career. Since it is a dual credit school, I think it prepares us for college because we actually take college classes. By the time I graduate High school next year, I will have an associates degree. I think this is a very good program to have. The downside is that the administration is very poor and never communicates adequately with the students. This often leads to confusion and students being left in the dark about very important information.
HAIS (Houston Academy for International Studies) has a very nice atmosphere. The students and staff are friendly and approachable. HAIS is also an Early College Highschool. We have the option of walking or taking the bus to HCC (Houston Community College). The bus's arrival time varies because the driver changes often. The bus is usually on time though. Walking is much quicker so I personally enjoy walking. We only have clubs on Fridays which is kind of upsetting. The length of our clubs is only 30 minutes (i wish the time was longer).It is mandatory that we join a club. Overall, HAIS has a great atmosphere with hardworking and friendly students.
It seemed very diverse and there are lots of freedom. You make friends easily there and have lots of oppurtunites. You have lots of clubs and sports.
It was a great school for the early years, it is great to get an associates degree while also earning a high school diploma. In addition, it is great if you would like to travel out of the U.S during the school year!
I like how diverse Houston Academy for International Studies is. I also like that the high school is an early college because students are given a chance to graduate with their associate's degree.

I want the school to stop charging students whenever they need a scantron for a school test.
Overall as a High school it was quite different than what I was expecting, but for the most part it was a nice close knit school, where everyone knew each other and would hang out. The part I wish was better was with the school's administration, because they are rather disorganized to the extent that many of the teachers leave after one or two years.
i fell like hais is a very school to go to they get you ready for college so that when you go to college you would have 2 years finished already
What I like about HAIS is that they give you some freedom to prepare yourself on how the real world is or even give you a taste on what college is like while still in high school. These past 2 years I've had a great experience, the school is small so you get to have close relationships with your teachers. And you never get left out, because it's so small everyone in the school knows everyone which makes it very easy to have friends. The thing I would change the most is the location. I feel like our school has grown a lot and deserves the shot to relocate into a better facility.
I am a 2016 graduate from HAIS. The school is very good for saving on college with a head start by giving you 2 years of college with a associates degree. Very nice school in that regard. Also has great opportunities for traveling abroad.
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For certain, Houston Academy for International Studies (HAIS) gives students a lot of freedom to explore their fields of interest with dual credit classes and opportunities to travel abroad whether it's a summer or a year. I would like to see a change in the attitude on how certain students are treated, organization for Fridays or in case of disaster, how work loads can be more spread out, and more SAT or AP prep.
Honestly, being there is rather tough but overall, it's a good place to go for high school. The staff is willing to assist any needs dealing with college and high school. The school does have some bad apples in the bunch but no school is perfect
HAIS is a early College that allows you graduate Highschool with your Associates Degree. We are a small school so we are allowed to really connect with the teachers and the staff.
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