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Graduated from HA in the early 2000’s. The tuition is expensive, more than most public in-state colleges, but it’s worth the education received. The main downsides are the uniforms (now) and the attitude of the students towards students who enroll later in their academic career. To the uniforms, this idea was started by a group of parents whose kids were in preschool. We didn’t have issues with dress when I was there and the clothes and embroidering have to be purchased through one store that is owned by a parent of the school. It isn’t about helping curb issues among the kids who can’t afford the latest fashion, it is a money racket started by a wealthy family. The other issue is something the parents need to cull at home.
Houston Academy offers a great education to its students through though classes and rigorous courses.
My son looks forward to kindergarten everyday, and the HA staff/teachers are very loving and quick to call my son by his name as they greet him. The families at HA have also been very welcoming. My son has challenging classes that include STEAM (science, tech, engineer, art, music), as well as Spanish and gym time. It is a well-rounded approach to learning along with one to two recesses to run off excess energy and engage in imaginative play.
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The teachers are wonderful and fully invested in your success. The curriculum is rigorous and difficult but so worthwhile. The only downside is the culture of the students, who are extremely cliquish and judgemental.
Houston Academy is an excellent school and has prepared me well for college. It offers a lot of freedom to the older students especially seniors but also restrictions when necessary. The administration has changed in recent years but it remains the premier school in the Wiregrass area. Houston Academy has a 100% graduation rate and 100% college attendance rate. I would definitely recommend sending any age child to HA but especially for grades 7-12.
Houston Academy is a great private school in Dothan, Al. While expensive they do offer academic scholarships which give students a great chance for a college prep education. The teachers are mostly retired public school teachers with great reputations. The administration is diverse and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. The school has grown in leaps and bounds over the past several years and is expected to be busting at the seams soon. Overall, it is a great school, with great staff and faculty.
I loved going to high school here. I really felt prepared for college. The teachers are willing to work closely with each student and even his or her parents. There is a good student teacher ratio as well.
At Houston Academy, I liked the overall experiences and diversities of everyone. Everything that we want is in reach. As long as we try to reach our goals HA is happy to help. Attending Houston Academy has given me ample opportunities to reach my academic and athletic goals. The friends I have made are one in a million and would not trade them for the world. My teachers I had along the journey were amazing, they went above and beyond to make sure we understood everything that they taught. I would highly recommend HA to anyone.
Houston Academy is an excellent school. I would like to see a couple of more AP classes offered to students. Also, it might be nice if some other courses were offered to accommodate students' interests even more deeply than are currently offered.
Houston Academy is an institution you want to send you child to. They are fully prepared for college.
The only thing I would change about this school is allowing the students more freedom of expression/dress, while still keeping a respectable dress code as a part of the code of conduct.
We are so happy to be apart of the HA family. I have children in preschool and lower school and could not be any happier with the quality education they are receiving. They LOVE school and always look forward to going. HA is such a happy, friendly, safe environment and it is the only college prep school in our city. I love the small classes and the one on one attention they receive daily. The teachers, administration and staff are all wonderful.
My husband and I have both been a part of the Houston Academy family since the early 70's and are grateful that our parents gave us the opportunity to graduate from this wonderful, college prep school. Fast forward a "few" years and I believe I've underestimated the impact that being back on campus with our own children would have on me. I'm grateful to see how caring and committed the faculty and staff have remained to each and every student over the years. It warms my heart that my children get to experience this just as I did. Houston Academy has always been about family and in my opinion, there's no better place to call home. Go Big Blue! always.
Houston Academy is the best school in the area. It is a college prep academy and it does just that. I feel that my two sons are getting an optimal A+ education that is preparing them very well for college and the future. Because of its small size, the student and faculty relationships are very personal. The teachers really try to bring out the interests of the students so they can maximize their potential. One of my boys is into sports. HA offers many different sports. My other son is more academic minded. HA has a large variety of clubs/activities to participate in. Whatever a child's interest might be, they will find a place to connect and fit in at Houston Academy. My boys are very happy with their educational experience and so am I.
As a parent of three HA graduates, I know my children were well-prepared not only academically, but also, in areas of discipline and time-management for college. Houston Academy provided my children with opportunities academically, athletically, creatively, and socially to become well-rounded adults.
Houston Academy was nothing shy of an incredible experience. The teachers and staff made learning the utmost priority, creating an environment of academic competitiveness. Before being a student at Houston Academy, I was an average student, believing I was not able to achieve high academic success. By graduation, Houston Academy had turned me into a driven, confident, and well educated student, giving me incredible amounts of academic success. Freshman year of college has been a breeze only because of the education I received at Houston Academy.
There is no other school I would rather be an alumni of. Houston Academy is a school based on integrity, honesty, and trust. This school, molds their students into becoming community serving and trustworthy citizens not only in the Dothan community, but in all others. Houston Academy, in my opinion, is the home of some of the students in the Wiregrass Area.
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Houston Academy offers challenging academic courses throughout the school; however, there is not a wide variety of choices in these classes. For instance, only one type of AP science is offered at the school. It would be nice to see more AP classes offered, but there really isn't room at the school for more classrooms or teachers.
Houston Academy is the best private school in Dothan. My son Tristen is currently at Auburn University in pre med and just excelling simply because of his educational background from HA. HA has the best instructors and administration and they challenge the students to achieve to their highest academic goals. As a parent I highly recommend Houston Academy and thank the institution for all it's done for my children.
I love my school. My classes are hard, but just the right amount of challenge for me. I think when I graduate from Houston Academy, I will be well-equipped to positively influence American society and the culture in the college in which I decide to go.