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Housel Middle School Reviews

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Housel Middle school does not tolerate bullying. This school does have cameras but does not have and police services. There is always a school nurse present and a health class is required for a semester. I believe that this school is safe for its students.
Housel Middle School provided its students with many extracurricular opportunities ranging from sports to homework help. The most popular options were sports. Many teachers did encourage students to participate in homework help.
I had a great overall experience at Housel Middle School. This school puts a lot of effort into its students academics. Housel Middle School is unique because of the emphasis it puts on the students academics and giving credit to students who have an outstanding performance in academics.
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The teachers at Housel Middle School are all very qualified teachers. Each teacher has different teaching styles depending on the learning style of its students. The teachers at Housel Middle School also communicated with students about their grades often and gave students the opportunity to communicate about their grade or if they needed help before and after school.
In the past four years i have attended Prosser High School it has been the best and worst of times. For every year my class has gone up one grade, a student has passed away. Those four losses were the hardest times to get through, but we all did. Together as a class, a school, and a community, we stuck together and helped each other through these times. Parents, teachers, and students were unified as a family in order to help friends and family grieve the incredible students we had to say goodbye to. The class of 2016 is truly the strongest class, and i am honored to be a part of it, and this community.
The teachers of Housel Middle School were very respectful and helped me learn to the best of my ability. Whenever I was struggling I did not feel uncomfortable asking a teacher for extra help. The teachers may have changed now that i have been out of middle school for almost four years, but i will always remember how kind my teachers were.
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