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An amazing environment with supporting teachers surrounding you with love and Jesus Christ. They have amazing staff and students that are very smart and there is so many clubs and sports to benefit from.
My first day there, I was instantly greeted by many students. I was welcomed and at peace. The teachers are nice and teach up to par.
It was a good school with great people and great teachers. The teachers are strict but it's because they care about all of there students. It is a God centered environment.
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I love Houma Christian. Everyone is so nice, open, and friendly. The teachers treat you like you at their own kid, and they actually care about how you are doing in their class. It has literally made my school time so much fun!
I attended Houma Christian School from 5th grade until I graduated. The school is very small and reminds me of a close knit family. I really enjoyed that about the school, but when I attended a very big college, I was shell shocked. When I see fellow students or falculty from HCS, we talk and remember each other which is something I really love. The Christian aspect of the school is great being that I came from a Christian home.
I think Houma Christian has a very personable staff. Even though the classrooms are slightly bigger, they go out of their way to ensure students have the knowledge and aptitude to make it through college. They have study hall, which is mostly a review of what has been taught and also boosts their reading efficiency with accelerated reading during study hall. Overall, I think Houma Christian is one of the best private schools in Louisiana. The teachers may not be as rigorous as they could be, but overall they're great.
They are always prepared for the worst
The teachers at my school love the students and care about their future so much they earn 20000 less than public school teachers.
Houma Christian does everything they can to keep us very healthy and safe.
I find there are a decent amount of clubs at my school.
I am very grateful to have been able to attend this school. The teachers are great, the students are great, and over all the atmosphere is great.
The principal knows every student and parent. Bullying is not tolerated nor is any other type of disobedience of the rules.
Every teacher is involved with some extracurricular activity after school. They provide great role models. The school has a wide variety of sports and clubs. Ranging from 4-H to the newest sport of girl's soccer. As the school grows so do the activities. The athletic director requires each athlete to maintain a certain gpa, and once the season of that sport begins you may not quit.
The application process is fairly simple. All it requires is the student to write about their experience or what they would like to experience with God.
It is the closest school to where we live that offers the curriculum that my parents are happy with. I think that it offers a great selection of sports and other activities for such a small school. Because it is a small school, there is a lot of camaraderie among the students. It isn't perfect but it's a really good school overall. I don't think there is such a thing as a perfect school anyway.
Several teachers provide tutoring services. There are ACT prep classes offered periodically. Many, many clubs and sports to choose from.
This is a small school but for the size there are many opportunities to play multiple sports.
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I think that they try to do what is right for the students to the best of their ability.
teacheers work with you but you have to be very responiable with knowing the mateial
its a good school but boring
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