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I enjoy the fact that our school is a rather small, tight-knit community. There are no strangers, and you are able to speak one on one with the teachers. In a small school like Houlton, it is easy to get help when needed.
However, I would like to see more clubs available. Sports is a very big subject in our school, but there are also many kids who love the arts. It would be wonderful if there were more art clubs for those who are not as active in sports.
I quite enjoyed my time learning at the school. Though I'd wished that courses were more varied such as more than two languages, but at least they were the most common and practical to learn.
It was a very good school, they were very straight forward with their rules and wanted every student graduate with satisfaction. They wanted their students to leave knowing all the knowledge we could handle. The teachers were amazing, they did all they could to help a student understand what they were teaching. They would take the time out of their day to stay after school to help any student in need.
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I have been in Houlton High since I was a freshman and it has treated me good so far. The sports are outstanding and although the academics are hard they will definitely come in handy.
Student safety comes first. The staff is very helpful.
There is a wide range of extracurricular activities that are provided to the students.
The teachers are friendly and willing to help.
Provide many lectures and lessons.
They help you and explain to you the current situation of the topic and anything.
They take care of their students and help them better understand on the lesson.
Teachers are most certainly helpful(not to mention friendly) if one needs the support. There are so many things to take advantage of at this school, such as a wonderful music program, a variety of sports teams, and a wide range of classes to take. Basketball and soccer are HUGE at Houlton High and the school spirit is very high(even the teachers get into it!). Class size is pretty small, but for a rural town in Northern Maine that's normal. However, it can be hard to make friends because people are so close-knit. Some kids can be a little mean and think that they're all that and a bag of chips. I think that's what comes with any public high school though. It isn't hard to get involved in at least one thing at Houlton. The classes aren't that difficult if one shows up and does the work.
They focus a lot on the big family names. If you move here you might have trouble making friends
I didn't participate in clubs and activities but they had clubs such as Civil Rights, Student Council, Show Choir, Off Beat (percussion ensemble).
The JMG program helped me transition the most from high school to college.
I could be more challenging for the average student.
The community has been involved with upgrading the music department.
Need to focus on school work more and less on sports
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I have heard that many of the graduates have had to take remedial english and math classes after enrolling in college.
The food is ok, not great, not horrible.
Teachers need to reach out and embrace change, many teachers are long term teachers stuck in the old ways of teaching.
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