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Houghton Lake, Michigan is where I was raised from the time I was three years old. It is a relatively small town in northern Michigan, which means, of course, there is a small school system. There isn't a turf football field, a swimming pool, a mac computer lab, or take home i pads. Although there isn't the same opportunities offered as there would be at a big school through classes, clubs, activities, or technology, there is absolutely no lack of educators and faculty who care about their students' well being and their futures. The teachers care about more than us passing their classes. They care that we have a roof over our heads, food to eat, and people who love us. They teach us how to think critically and how to be good, caring people. There are so many more things I could say about the experiences I have had in band, bowling, drama, and more, but all in all, Houghton Lake provides a very loving and supporting school system, and I am so glad to have attended it.
The staff at this school is amazing. The teachers really care about the students and want to see them succeed. The school is great, but the community could be a little better in supporting academics and doing things to better the school - not just athletics.
I have been going to Houghton Lake Community Schools my whole school career. It isn't that big of a school, and most of us have been together since kindergarten. I have learned a lot from Houghton Lake High School. I have learned a lot of academic things, and I have learned a lot about people too. Overall, I think I have had a good ride at Houghton Lake High School. I never really had any problems, and I was able to do pretty well in school. This school has seen my little quiet, awkward freshman self turn into college ready (still kind of awkward) senior grow. I am thankful for this school.
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My experience was overall decent. If you are a parent looking for a decent school with a good education for your child, this is a Decent place. Our sports teams don't always win but we have an incredible fan base. All the teachers here are nice and work hard to help you succeed.
Houghton Lake High School has a great sense of school spirit. Sports are very important here, and athletes are supported tremendously. Houghton Lake High School offers many amazing opportunities such as dual enrollment classes for juniors and seniors, many clubs like NHS (National Honor Society), Interact, and SLS (Students Leading Students). If I were able to change something about Houghton Lake High School I would provide more funding for the fine arts programs like band, drama, and art. I would also allow for free lunch for every student and better lunches as a whole.
I graduated from Houghton Lake High School in 2017. It felt like a 2nd home to me. All of the teachers were very willing to work with you on anything you needed assistance with. It's the perfect small town school!!
At Houghton Lake High School we have a friendly environment with teachers that care. An example of this our algebra 2 teacher lets us use notes on a quiz and a note-card on test , also she lets us retake tests' if we do bad. Another thing we have after school tutoring for free, which really helps out students.
I would like to see more interest in the success of students. More often than not, their solution for kids who aren't already succeeding is to send them off to Adult Ed. I've lost too many friends who had the capability to succeed here. I'd also like to see different people in charge. They're not genuine people, like our old principle/superintendent was. However, it is a good community where there is a place and friends for anyone. Most people are very nice and outgoing, and there are a few decent teachers.
People who are bullied or getting hurt happens behind the scenes and teachers can't do much about it or don't know
The extracurricular clubs are very unorganized but fun and accepting.
There is a specified time of when everyone schedules for the next semester/year, so that makes the process easy and simple. There is tutoring after school, students willing to help, and teachers as well before or after class--the student just needs to have the courage to ask for help. The teachers are all very friendly as long as you do what you're supposed to do. There are not a lot of elective classes, but the endless variety of online courses make up for that. For online classes, there just needs to be responsibility in the student to be able to pass the course, and teachers, again, are able to help or remember the student with their online course.
I always go to the Health Based Center if I need anything or don't feel well. There is an online report that can be filled out to report any bullying if it is necessary, and cameras are around every corner of the school. Overall, I feel safe enough to attend school everyday.
I love this school because everyone is pretty close and we have a lot of school spirit. Everyone supports other sports and cares how we look as a school. There isn't tons of drama and people are really nice.
Some teachers are very helpful and teach us what we need to know. However, I think some teachers just don't care.
This school does not have many extracurricular opportunities that I have noticed. Almost all of the clubs have something to do with volunteering or the club is good for college applications, which is excellent, but that is the main type of club that is known to the new students coming into the high school. There is the Guild club, and it is the only club that is meant for students to communicate and make friends. For the volunteering clubs, I think needs more commitment rather than joining for college purposes. I think there should be more clubs made for the students to make friends and joining because he or she likes what the club does (film, chess, glee, dance etc.)
Though Houghton Lake has a small high school compared to the average high school, Houghton Lake has its moments. We've been able to achieve many things in sports, music, and art recently. The overall community comes together to cheer on our school, and it's pleasing to see the students have school spirit once in a while.
The overall quality of all the teachers I've had are okay. Their is variety within them, but most are more than acceptable. Though every teacher has a different teaching style, I am able to quickly adapt to their style with an exception of one or two teachers.
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We had some really great teachers that were really passionate about what they did and showed genuine concern for their students. Other teachers seemed to only be there for the job, barely covering material in class, not allowing much time for questions on assignments. Even the administration didn't seem to care much about students, dismissing concerns from parents about students who may be likely to commit self harm or from students reporting bullying and harassment. If any action was taken, very minimal punishment, if anything more than a few words. Some of my favorite teachers were from the fine arts classes. We have a great band, though not properly recognized, and several talented kids in our art classes. Our drama program was also exceptional, with many students getting awards in competitions. These teachers were some of our most passionate and most concerned for their students. My biggest problem in regards to our fine arts program was that it was very underfunded. A lot of emphasis is put on sports, though we did have some talented students, other programs suffered because of it. When the band took trips to competitions or recreation, it all came out of student's pockets or fundraisers put on by the band parents. Many of the fine arts classes were cut, and the choir program cut off all together.
It is the best school I've gone to so far and I plan on staying at it until I finish high school.
Although HLHS is a small school, there are opportunities there that cannot be found anywhere else. The school administration and student body are interesting and friendly, and teachers truly care about the students. Classes offered are diverse and college prep based as well. Schools, in general, need to be more fun and enjoyable for the students because a majority of the students do not like it. Not many students are not involved in school/community activities and extracurricular activities, and many are involved in underage drinking and drug use (oftentimes not at school however).
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