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My experience at Houghton Central High School was pretty average, but I am happy I went there. I especially liked how the classes were taught and I feel like I learned a lot, especially in math and science.
I liked how it feels like a small school, yet the standard of education is excellent. There are always options to learn about something you want to, but you still know everybody in your class.
It's a high school that had wonderful faculty during my 4 years of learning. Anyone that needed help would get it, and everyone in the local area is super friendly and willing to assist others who need it more than they do. Every teacher at Houghton High is committed to teaching their students as much as they can about not just school subjects, but also general tips for life, and offer extra time and sessions to help kids improve their understanding of the subjects they're struggling with. Great school, beautiful area, 10/10 experience.
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Looking back at high school, I had a lot of ups and downs, but who doesn't in high school? I think my overall experience was excellent because Houghton High School is such a caring school. They have great teachers (for the most part) and they really prepared me for college. They aren't necessarily the most diverse school, but I wouldn't say that hindered my performance or experience while in attendance at Houghton High. They are a small school so they don't have the top-notch sports teams or clubs/activities, but I think for a small school, they excelled with what they're given. Overall, I think if you're new to the area and are considering different schools, the Houghton School District in my (slightly biased) opinion, is the best choice.
As a new transfer student, the teachers and students warmly welcomed me. I enjoyed their academic excellence and their pursuit of integrity.
I like the education. We have a really good education throughout our school. Our teachers really do want to see us succeed so they help so much with anyone that needs it. I would like to see more love throughout our school, less racism.
I am happy that I went there. It was the best school in the area and it has definitely given me a good education. It has all the problems that a regular high school does, but the small setting, good teachers, and proximity to MTU made the academics good and overall worth it.
I liked Houghton High School because of the readiness for the college level. We had many teachers who had the right criteria and skills to have us ready. Other schools around here were wishing that they went to Houghton because all of the classes and college ready classes that there is.
Houghton High School was a school that better prepared me for university. The teachers were well educated and cared about my learning experience. Houghton High School also provided good paths for those who did not wish to go to university.

There were many clubs and events to help students become better citizens.
I have had a very good time at Houghton, I have attended or had the opportunity to look into a couple different high schools and this is by far my favorite one. I have felt accepted at most every facet and it fits my needs better than any I have had the opportunity to attend or check out. The administration and teachers overall have been very respectable and know how to teach their respective subjects. The students do have an issue with accepting outsiders at first considering how isolated this area is but I have enjoyed my time here.
My experiences at Houghton High are definitely memorable. I really like the different ways of teaching that happen in each class, it makes learning a lot more interesting. I like how understanding the principle is and it's easy to talk to the teachers.
Houghton High School is a very well put together, functional school. The teachers are all kind and willing to put in extra time for their students to succeed. Students are provided with the necessary materials to learn effectively if that is what they choose to do. Houghton High School also provides a "small town" atmosphere, where students interact in a positive manner. Bullying is always addressed and never just swept under the carpet, the safety and well being of Houghton's students is clearly an important to all of the staff members. It's easy to see that Houghton's number one objective is to prepare their students for their bright futures that lie ahead.
I liked that we were able to take online classes at school. Many of the teachers were very involved in making sure the students succeeded.
Overall a fairly good school. The curriculum is challenging and engaging, and prepares students well for college. The teachers are very friendly and are always willing to help if asked. Academically a very good school, and the sports are alright, but not great.
There is a variety of clubs and opportunities offered. The mix of clubs for fun and some that accomadate the interests.
The teachers are knowledgable in thier subject area and challenge the students. Generally, they are consistent in grading and use a variety of ways to teach to the many learning styles.
There is little bullying. There is an intercom and many safety measures to keep the children safe. No school nurse but information regarding health and wellness.
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The teachers are supportive and will meet with students to offer help. The sports programs are strong and committed. Technology is used daily and I feel my child is being challnged.
What makes this school unique is that most of the athletic teams have been successful in the past few years. Most of these teams have been conference champions and some have even been state champions or state runners up.
The teachers know what they are teaching but can be hard to approach and ask a question.
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