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Hotchkiss High School is a great school!! Although there have been some mishaps with certain students and things, I love the diversity here and how small it is. All of the faculty here are amazing. I have a great relationship with all the teachers and other faculty. Almost most of the time I don't have issues or conflict with faculty. I am very blessed to have had my four year of high school here.
Hothckiss High School is a small school, which means the teachers are able to know each student and their individual learning styles.
At Hotchkiss, everyone genuinely cares about you. Although we’re a small school, everyone is super nice to each other & respect is an important principle at our school. Our teachers are passionate about teaching and also care deeply about our well-being. I feel more than prepared for college, as did many alumni of HHS. Our environment really effects the drive for success of our students , which is a strong one. Overall, Hotchkiss High School is an amazing school that I would one day bring my child to in the future.
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There are a lot of college class opportunities
choir, band, FFA, drama, lots of participation
No bullying, police come by often.
This school has a very fun and calm environment. The classes are rigorous, the teachers willing to help, and the students come wanting to learn.
All the teachers are very open and kind and willing to help the students with anything they need.
I wish that the best teacher was still there. He left last year and there will be a very big whole. I wish he was still there even though I will be working with him.
What makes this school unique is the administration and the staff care about you as more than just a student, they care about you as a person. The sports/athletics are important, but not nearly as important as the academics. If a student is failing more than one class, they can't participate in athletics until they bring their grade up to at least a C.
I personally can't rate this very well, because I have brought my own lunch from home since I started attending this school freshman year.
The office staff as well as the administration is very helpful, much like the teachers of the school. They aren't afraid to tell you if they truly don't know something, and if they don't know, they will certainly try their best to direct your towards someone who does.
Student involvement isn't the biggest criteria for the school, but it is definitely a source of fun for the students. Team performance really matters to every sports team, but so does the feeling of commitment to yourself and to the people around you. I have participated in Cross Country for each year of high school, and the biggest emphasis wasn't on myself, but on the teammates around me. I worked hard every practice not only for myself, but to better my teammates.
The teachers at this school are very encouraging of a student's ideas, but they also provide constructive criticism when it is needed. The teaching styles vary from class to class, but every teacher is approachable and knowledgable when you ask for help. The teachers have an interest in the student's life that goes beyond just the classroom; there have been many times when I have been struggling with a situation within my life and I was able to ask a teacher for advice. Not many schools offer this opportunity to talk with a teacher as a person and a role model.
The extracurricular activities that are available at this school are extensive, they range anywhere from Future Farmers of America and National Honor Society, to Cross Country and Softball. The most popular actives are the sports teams, the fans at the home basketball games get very involved and vocal in support of the players. The staff and administration of the school are fantastic, they are always willing to help with any problem a student has, whether that problem is in the classroom or in life.
Definitely A LOT wrong, wouldn't recommend
Don't really feel unsafe, but it could be better.
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No tutoring, lost counselor, no college prep
Terrible food, maybe two options per day.
Repairs NEEDED on gym, tennis courts, and track
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