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Hot Springs High School Reviews

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My experience at Hot Springs was like any other high school experience. I didn't really learn anything because nobody knows how to teach there. There's maybe like 2 good teachers other than that there really isn't anything else to say.
I would like to see more people involved within the community and the high school. As a senior, I would like to see more changes such as homecoming activities and educational options. Students should be involved more in clubs and activities. Our HSHS should have way more programs, clubs, sports, and other activities that allow our students to expand their knowledge and be able to involve in a cause that will keep them away from the streets, such as drugs and alcohol. Parents should also be more involving in our students' lives as guidance.
It’s a small school with a great community following along students academics and sports activities. Parents are very involved with banquets and fundraisers
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While it is an average school overall, it provides decent education for the students who want it. Not much rigor with the classes, but there can be a lot of opportunities for higher learning for those who aspire to be college-bound, especially in the science department. There is a great variety of sports and other extracurricular activities as well.
I have attended the infamous Truth or Consequences Hot Springs High and can honestly say there is no other place I would of wished to grow and learn. My teachers were so supportive and helped so many of us one in one. The faculty always went out of their way putting in extra hours after school to tutor us students as well as offer extra credit if we were ever in need. Most of the staff went above and beyond in my 4 years there always prepping us for college and helping us utilize our resources. Furthermore the Hot Springs Tigers took great pride in not only academics but sports as well. Even though we are a small town we always manage to make volleyball, football, basketball, track and golf teams happen proudly displaying the school awards in the gym and cafeteria! Overall this school gets a great review from me with all it has to offer and the great people that run it.
For me, these four years at Hot Springs High School have been stressful and exciting at the same time. Exciting, because of the amazing teachers with their unique and strong personalities; and stressful because of the lack of interests and reaching out opportunities it has to offer. Our school is literally only known for our sport teams, Agriculture students and Environthon team. Where are the artists, computer wiz kids, journalists, thinkers, etc? Believe me, they're here. We need to expand our schools and ideas of thinking. People here can't live in a box their whole life with tunnel vision.
It has helped me accomplish all of my dreams and has helped learn what degree I plan on obtaining in college. Hot Springs has helped me step out of my comfort zone and instead of being shy it made me turn into a butterfly where I can now hold a confidently conversation with someone I don't know.
Hot Springs High School has great teachers and they love to get to know you. The staff here at Hot Springs really engage with their students and create a relationship with them. One thing I would like to change about Hot Springs High would be more teachers to teach more of a variety of classes.
My experience at hot springs high school was as best as could be expected, however it was still high school. The faculty made showing up everyday worth it and in the end, we all pulled
My most rewarding experiences started at Hot Springs High School. Something I would change would be how the teachers should engage the learning process in a stronger way, but i really appreciated that I could talk to most of them about personal or academic issues.
My experience at Hot Springs High School was amazing! Especially with their Biology Advanced Topics classes, I went are the way to Biology V. I got to intern at the United States Forest Service and met remarkable people that I probably would not have met if I did not take the Advanced Biology classes. I thank the people in charge of making the classes happen very much. Now that I am able to graduate I already have the opportunity to work for the Forest Service, with out these classes that would not have happened.
Hot Springs High school is a great school. We have 360 students in our entire school so you get to know everyone. The teachers take time to help each and every student. Here at Hot Springs High School we are all a family and we take care of each other here.
I honestly love this school. The teaching staff are pretty nice and they allow for an open education format, by bringing the online academy to the school [GRIT]. I would change the ways of testing and have it to be a different time format maybe, but overall it really is the best school.
I would like to see the scholarships I had already applied for taken off. It is a hassle to see the scholarships I applied for still there. However, I really like that most of them don't have essays which makes applying for scholarships a lot easier. This is a great website and I think everyone should use it.
For the most part everyone is accepted.
We have all the core classes needed but limited electives.
It's nice and mostly safe. There are times students don't show up for school because they don't feel safe.
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We have a lot of extracurricular activities but there are a few we don't have that a lot of students wished we had.
A lot of parents don't get involved. They come to athletic events and graduation, but Parent Teacher conferences is something hardly any parents show up for.
Though there are a few problems with communication, and teaching styles, you can tell the teachers really do care about our education. For the most part they are all pretty friendly and approachable.
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