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It was a decent school life, coming from someone who's been here since the middle school but it could've been better. If you're planning on going to Hostos Lincoln Academy, make sure to stay on track and keep good grades to take advantage of the early college program they offer to graduate with your associates degree, alongside with your high school diploma.
The staff encouraged me to graduate. the school is small so you can learn better. everyone knows each other.
You’re allowed to express yourself and that’s probably one of the best things about this school. You have teachers who actually care about you and who are there to help you.
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I am currently a junior at Hostos and honestly it is a pretty good school. It offers an Associates Degree at Hostos Community College for free which is an amazing opportunity most schools don’t offer. While we have our downfalls as a school our school offers a lot of freedom and a lot of teachers who care about their students and want to help them improve. Our school is very diverse and I have always felt comfortable being myself here. I also feel like there are no “clicks” meaning there are no popular kids.
It was a small school that have a lot of great teachers, and great opportunities if you look for them.
I have been attending Hostos-Lincoln Academy since middle school and not very much has changed. The only thing that has benefitted me thus for is the college program that is offered during sophomore year of high school. The program has been very beneficial it allows students to be enrolled in high school and college classes simultaneously. What that helps to do is it allows the student to graduate high school with a associates degree with the correct amount of credits received.
My experience from this school could be better, the security can improve drastically. The teachers and students are one of the good aspects of the school, as I feel connected to many teachers. The school can do a better on sanitation, and the bathrooms can be improved. The school has a nice computer lab which easily accessible. Majority students come from minority families, and many are immigrants. The school sports activities could also improve as the only choices are Track, Basketball, and girls volleyball/softball. I enjoyed my high school experience, as the early college program has allowed earning an associates degree in liberal arts and sciences.
My experience at this school was far from perfect. It was a mess. I struggled with finding myself and was not happy at any point in my school career. That aside, the overall education level is great. I have been able to attend college classes which have put me ahead of others because I have college credits while I am in high school. Most students are graduating with an Associate's Degree as they graduate from high school, but I won't have this advantage because I am graduating from high school one year early, so I will not have enough college credits.
Hostos offers an early college program, is small enough for you to have a strong presence, teachers are friendly and accessible (they care about us), and clubs are fantastic! I've been here since middle school and I've loved ever second of it.
Hostos-Lincoln Academy of Science is a school that prepares students for college; however, all other aspects of the school is poor. The courses are mediocore and there are little to no ways to explore academic interests.
A small, but very accepting and diverse school. The classes are small, which means that you get to form a relationship with the teachers. The students and teachers are friendly, so it is a friendly environment. This school also offers a college initiative program, which means that you can take college classes and graduate with your Associate's Degree if you work hard.
I love the diversity Hostos has to offer. Hostos is home to some of the most warm loving people I've ever met from all over the world.
Hostos-Lincoln has a partnership with Hostos Community College which gives the students the opportunity to accumulate college credits and be able to graduate with an associates degree as well.
The early college program prepares students for college and leads them to success. Teachers are friendly and very helpful with getting recommendation letters done and applying to college.
Hostos wasn't my first pick for high school but I'm glad I went for so many reasons. First off, I developed relationships with people whom I'll be in contact with for life which is a warming thought. The early college initiative is another great aspect of Hostos that prepared me for University by challenging me early on in my educational journey.
Hostos is a pretty small school so everyone pretty much knows everyone. That also creates a lot of drama, but what school doesnt have all that? The teachers are all really caring and have different teaching styles so you can get used to not doing everything in the same way.
Hostos-Lincoln Academy of Science is a great school in preparing you for your years beyond high school. The students are very diverse and have many different talents, among them being very smart. Hostos-Lincoln has some of the greatest teachers that really do care about and go the extra mile for their students. The school is kept clean, and the classrooms are in good condition.
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There aren't many AP courses for students to take advantage of but the college courses are really good. We don't have the freedom to select our classes nevertheless, it is great to get a taste of what to expect when we are on own in college. We obtain a liberal arts degree and this means that we are exposed to many disciplinaries, helping many of the students realize what their interests are and find their potential major.
There are barely any extracurriculars available to students. Most students who participate in sports are only involved because of the credit they receive. The school does not often aid in getting new equipment for the teams, most of the time the team will have to fund-raise and finance themselves. The sports include volleyball, softball, track, soccer and basketball. There are not many clubs, support groups or student organizations to get involved in either. Many programs do not last long because there is not much participation from the student body.
The good thing about Hostos is that one has the opportunity to get their associate degree because of the high schools partnership with CUNY Hostos Community College. The program compensates for the lack of AP and honors classes. The students participating in the program travel from one school to the other, because of this, there is an obvious divide between the students who are hard workers and those who are not. The students and staff are very accepting of others, this provides for a comfortable and open environment. The school is also very small which means everyone is familiar with one another. I have made some wonderful friends and I have plenty of great relationship that I wouldn't otherwise have made if it weren't for this school. I have been involved with Hostos for 6 years because I attended the middle school and I feel that if I could, I would have attended another high school. Hostos is not well funded and lacks opportunities. I think that if I attended a different high school there would be more after school programs, clubs, activities etc. for me to take advantage of.
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