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I've only liked two teachers at Hosford, only one of which I had a class with. They basically leave the class to fend for themselves and offer no help.
It would have been "it's the worst" if it weren't for Mr. Bacon, the widely loved principal. He is more involved with students than teachers are. There aren't guidance counselors and the office staff are usually pretty grumpy.
There is no workload at all. The only topics you might have homework in are algebra and geometry, which only a small percentage of students take. However, even in these classes the teaching is below average. They eliminated the advanced English class available for 8th graders who scored high on the OAKS testing the year after I graduated, but when I was in this class we didn't learn anything. The sciences were literally useless and the only reason I know anything about science is because of the school I went to before Hosford. However, I wouldn't suggest moving out of the district to avoid Hosford, as I am now a Junior at Cleveland, which is extremely academically rigorous. But I implore you to send your kid to a different school, whether within the PPS system (Sellwood and Winterhaven are good) or outside of it, as Hosford will not prepare students for the rigor of Cleveland's coursework.
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The school lunches are disgusting and there is only one option available every day. You're better off bringing your own food.
There weren't any extracurricular activities available when I went to Hosford.
Students don't care about their education in the slightest. There is a clear social hierarchy and rampant bullying.
There aren't guidance counselors, parents are not involved, there are only really old computers and they only get used for standardized testing. There aren't any tutoring resources.
There are literally no sports teams and the only athletic facilities are poor quality basketball courts, a terrible gym, and a baseball field with no bases or baseball equipment.
The school nurse is not helpful at all.
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