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DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO THIS SCHOOL!!! The administration is HORRIBLE! There are teachers who have resigned as a direct result of the administration. They are not consistent at all! The rules change daily depending on how they feel even if it’s written! You’re better off sending your child to a public school because they don’t instill Christian values as they don’t know how, because it’s ran by a corrupt administration! Please don’t send your child to this school if you value your money!
I would not send my child here. It cares more about the rules, especially when it comes to dress code, than it does about the education of the students. One example is that the students were only allowed to wear the thin fleece jacket that the school approved of, even in 40 degree weather. Also the school keeps accepting more and more students each year when it knows it can't hold more than 600 students. It is way too cramped.
The teachers are very helpful and most are knowledgeable.
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There are the athletic extracurriculars (track and field, volleyball and softball), Beta Club, and Art Club.
It's just okay. There are definitely better schools.
You really can't get any drugs or alcohol into the school at all and if a girl ever became pregnant she would be pulled out of the school.
Some teachers tried their best but the students wouldn't.
There was no school bus. There was only a short bus/van used for the track or volleyball teams.
Some staff seemed to favor certain students. Namely, their own kids.
The teacher and faculty are very concern and involed in the students education. They make sure each student is on task, if not they are usually taught after school one on one. If there is a student who refuses to learn and becomes a distraction, he or she is asked to leave the school. The teacher have an effective lesson plan day by day and are required to have each lesson for that week planned.
The school culture and diversity makeup is a majority blacks-african americans, and there are a few caucasian and mexicans. The social scene at the school is very christian like and overall most students are friendly. The teachers exemplify christian characteristic.
The girl track team qualify for state championship yearly. The volleyball team is also great and usually make the state championship every year. The overall athletics department at Hosanna is hard working and display a christian attitude.
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