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While the music education is excellent, the rest is rather mediocre. The students lack any sort of diversity, and it’s obvious many teachers shouldn’t be teaching at all.
Hortonville High School is different from other schools, it thrives to make each and every student feel important. The teachers are dedicated in helping their students succeed.
Overall the school is not bad. I am doing well in all classes and I like majority of the teachers. Sports and clubs are treated unequally and some sports are given more attention than others.
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I find that HHS is an okay place. I feel average when I am there. The teachers preform well but, adminstration is very restricting. They are very strict on rules but, not very accurate on emforcing them constantly. Another thing is standards-based grading. Typically, I think it would be easy and best for students and teachers but, they never explain it very well. It is also highly confusing when the teacher is constantly changing their standards. Just when you think you get it, standards change.
Hortonville provides a variety of opportunities to students, but the high level class options need to be expanded.
The administration is becoming less connected with the student body, which makes a disparity in communication. I do get good academics as of right now but they are cutting a lot of the course options for next year. They are aiming to start using Standards based grading for all classes including AP, so both students and faculty aren't pleased with that. We do have the best world languages teacher out of the 14 central states in our Spanish department which is really important to me because I want to at least minor in Spanish, and I love being pushed to my limits by my teachers.
I honestly loved my time at HHS. The teachers were very knowledgable, kind, and caring. The school really cares about the students and tries to get everyone involved.
Hortonville High School has very strong academics that have helped me prepare well for higher education.
School has a very strong sense of community, however it is not very safe and the school board does not listen to and respect the students.
Have had good experiences, most teachers are good! Most classes are helpful, but some seem lacking in content. Mr. Stormer and Mr. Rhines are great english teachers and Mr. Shelton is an awesome science teacher. All of the tech ed teachers, Mrs. Breaker, Mr. Radtke, Mr. Dusek and Mr. Lebeck are all fantastic and willing to help.
I went to high school at Hortonville high school for all four years of school and they could have dealt with situations better and we had many suicides due to bullying because they did not treat situations seriously.
Hortonville High School is a very nice school with a great music department and plenty of challenging classes. I overall enjoy going to school here, but do have a few issues with how things are run. I dislike the fact that GPAs are not weighted here--meaning that kids taking easy classes often rank above those taking honors and AP classes in class rank. In addition, HHS treats its teachers poorly compared to other schools in the area.
I liked how welcoming the school was everyday when I came to school. It was bigger than where I went to grade school, but it still had that small town safe feel.
I believe that most of the teacher's at Hortonville High School are there to enrich the lives of the students. Many of the teachers would go very far out of their way to help any student. I have had a very good experience with my teachers the past four years.
I transferred to Hortonville High School for my senior year, and I can now say that it was a great decision. There are plenty of groups and clubs there that are easy to fit in to, lots of great and respectable friends, and outstanding teachers. The teachers are so flexible and will almost drop anything to help you because it's not hard to see that they really care and that they want to see us be successful in life.
Overall, Hortonville High School offers a high school student a holistically sufficient secondary education experience. Each and every teacher is absolutely fantastic (although some actually seem over-qualified to be teaching at Hortonville), the overall data published on the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction website does seem to point at Hortonville being above average relative to the rest of the state regarding test scores and college preparation, and athletics are taken very seriously (though there is a clear bias towards the football program receiving proportionally more assets than other sports; yes, I get it is a larger sport with more liabilities, but that does not warrant the excessive preferential treatment that the football program gets as a whole). The school, however, greatly lacks diversity, widely lacks participation in extracurriculars, and could stand to include more leeway on topics such as field trips and parental involvement.
Most of the teachers that run honors and AP courses challenge students and do a great job teaching their subjects. However, at the regular course level (such as history), a lot of the teachers are ineffective. This is by no means to say all, as there are some amazing teachers who aren't involved in the honors or AP curriculum. However, quite a few lacking teachers come to mind as well. Hortonville is not culturally diverse at all; for the most part students are white and christian. There are various clubs and activities in the school. It's easy to get involved and there's something for everyone. Sports are offered (soccer, cross country, equestrian, etc), but like most schools in the area, there is a large focus on football and little on other sports teams that are a lot more successful than the football team. If you don't play football, you will not like the AD nor his influence on the administration at the school.
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I enjoy the large selection of advanced courses available for Hortonville High School, and the dedication of the teachers. All of the teachers I've had at Hortonville have genuinely cared about my success and well-being, and were more than willing to compromise and work with me to learn and grow in my education.
Classes are easy to get into but there could be more of a variety.
There needs to be more variety to meet all needs of students.
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