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Horseshoe Bend Middle/Senior High School Reviews

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With only 70 students in the entire high school, Horseshoe Bend has a very small town feel. The town itself is set into a small valley and is surrounded by the beautiful Payette River. Some benefits of going to HSB are that you know everyone in the school and can make many friends very quickly, can be more effective in making a change or being heard than in a larger school, and have more one on one time with your teachers. Sports are a huge part of the culture, and it is very easy to become involved with them. However, a downside to HSB is that everyone knows everything about everyone else; privacy is very hard to achieve. There also aren't as many opportunities for students in areas such as clubs and activities or through academic means. Overall, however, I feel like Horseshoe Bend is a safe place with a very low bullying record, and although the school may not be exposed to as many opportunities as a bigger school would, the school culture is very positive and family-like!
The health and safety policies at this school are pretty effective and prominent. I feel very safe at this school.
The extracurricular opportunities are limited because Horseshoe Bend is such a small school and area;however, the activities available are of high quality and pretty popular.
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I have had a very great experience at this school. My favorite experiences to come from this school are the sporting events, they are always really wild and fun. I would choose this school again if I could do it all over again because I have enjoyed my years here and being in a small school has provided me with a large support system.
The teachers at Horseshoe Bend High all have very different teaching styles, but I think that benefits the students. They are very good at communicating about grades, assignments, and projects. They also have a very good understanding of what they are teaching and teach it well.
I like this school because as an athlete, you get a lot of support. I can understand how some people may not like it though if they aren't into sports. Most interest and support from the community go towards athletics. My favorite thing about the school though is that it's so small, so you become close with quite a few people.
I have felt the safest at this school than anywhere
The times I ate in the cafeteria, it was not bad.
Our school is disciplined well.
Are more involved because of the size of our school
They're very friendly and helpful to the students.
Staff members encourage to participate in activities
We don't have a nurse, we don't have security, and we all know each other so well that a lot of things are just overlooked.
Depends on the day. Sometimes it's awful and other times it is tolerable.
Everyone in the community as well as the school are very in tune with the sporting events that happen and we have very successful sports teams. The only bad thing is that our school doesn't have a budget that allows for new equipment on a regular basis.
The teachers are all very helpful and are personable. We all know one another very well and everyone works together to make it a safe environment.
There aren't many extracurricular activities but the ones we do have are of a high quality.
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We are all friends and we all support each other.
It depends on the club if kids seem interested they trry to set a club up.
Our school has volleyball, cross-country, basketball, softball, baseball and track. A lot of student are active in sports and they love to play sports. Our fans are amazing they come and support us home or away. Our coach know what he/she is doing and always trys their best.
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