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Horseshoe Bend High School Reviews

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I started Horseshoe Bend in the 8th grade. It was such a change from my former school. Everyone at HBHS is a family. This is the best thing about our small town/school. Being apart of this school is so great and I can’t wait to finish my senior year here!
I went to this school from kindergarten until graduation and I loved it! I’d love to see the food better but the atmosphere is amazing!
I like the extracurricular activities. I like that the students are friendly and will help you with what you need. I would like the change to be more fun activities for the elementary side to get to know and learn.
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We are a very close community and care deeply about each others well being and personal problems. We have some issues with our highschool counsellor and Principal. We have very good and caring teachers for the most part. There are some who don't teach very well and aren't eager to help with educational problems but we can usually find other teachers who will help us in any way they can.
My experience at Horseshoe Bend High School has been an experience I will never forget. This school has gave me soo many memories and life lessons that I will carry with me through my whole life.!
I like the teachers and how small the student to teacher ratios are. We have many opportunities and it is a positive atmosphere.
I absolutely love my high school and thoroughly enjoyed the years I spent there. The teachers are fully dedicated to advancing students in the right direction. The administration creates a safe learning environment for K-12 students. Overall, Horseshoe Bend High School is an excellent county school!
At this is school we take security very seriously. We do our drills at least once a month and we also have drug searches every 3 months. We also have a nurse that is also always on duty.
We have many options on extracurricular opportunities such as cheerleading, baseball, football, softball, volleyball, basketball, scholars bowl, FFA, FCCLA, FCLA, Journalism, News team, and Sr. & Jr. Beta Club.
I have been at this school for 13 years and I've loved every minute of it. Being in a small school is awesome because you get to know each an every teacher and they all encourage you to do your best in everything you do.
The teachers are so great to the students here. Most of them Tudor during their free period or even after school to help a struggling student.
All the teachers that I have known are knowledgeable.
I like the small size. Yes I would choose it again.
The community is very involved in school activities. They support the school with their time and money.
The dress code is fair. It does not cause a financial burden on the parents. Bullying is not tolerated.
The academics are ok. There could be more emphasis on career readiness.
The school often has intruder drills and classes on bullying. The community churches are also helpful.
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This is a small rural school. Everyone works together to promote and provide for all of the students.
I feel my high school English teacher prepared me for my college English class
The guidance counselors where very judgmental and make accusations about students that may or may not be true
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