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Horn Lake High School Reviews

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My experience at Horn Lake High School was great. The teachers and staff are so friendly and helpful. I wouldn't change a single thing.
Horn Lake High school was pretty good. I had some good teachers who cared about my grades and my achievements. I also had a few teachers who just wanted to pass the students out of the class. Overall I had nice high school experience at Horn Lake and met some nice people.
It was an amazing High School to attend, and the administration was sure to take care of you. If you're like me and join the right groups the school has to offer, High School will be amazing.
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My overall experience at Hornlake High school was very positive. The teachers made sure that the students knew the course information and was highly informative. Transitioning into an art major, I believe that Hornlake High school can benefit for offering more towards the art department. Expanding the art department will be positive, especially, for prospective students for the future to come.
Horn Lake isn’t the best school, but it’s not the worst. I’ve had both good experiences and bad experiences here.
I been going to Horn Lake High School since I was a freshman. I am currently a graduating senior from Horn Lake High and I have really enjoyed these past 4 years at this school. The teachers are great and they try their best to help you to be the best you could be so you can be successful after you graduate. There will be some students who like to disrupt the classrooms & disrespect the teachers and faculty staff, but after you get over that, you will be able to get the education that you need. The faculty staff are just as important to you as the teachers just because they help you with anything you need. The sports are fun and also the many different clubs and activities that they provide you with so you can be involved in the school and also in the community. I’ve had a wonderful experience at Horn Lake High, if I could redo it all over again, I would.
Some of the teachers actually cared about their students, but most didn't. The administration staff were judgmental and racist, and un-helpful. The principal Andy Orr was an excellent!
Horn Lake High School is a really good school. They gave me the experience to learn so many new things i never knew about. Things to improve at horn lake high are there opportunities to go to fairs for colleges and visits to other colleges so the students can have more experience.
Horn Lake High School is a wonderful place to get your education because they are structured and do not play when it comes to academics.
I really like the teachers. They are nice and very helpful. I would like to see more students that care about their education and were respectful toward the teachers.
During high school, I made a lot of friends and the teachers were really nice. The AP classes will kick your tail, but will help you in the long run, even if you don't get the college credit.
The teachers were great at what they did. Counselors were always helpful. Principals engaged with students and parents. Discipline was given when necessary. Eagle pride always ran through everybody's blood when it was game day.
All of the AP Teachers were so thoughtful and caring. Student activities are all so wonderful. I would like to see more parent involvement...
I meet New people and made new friends and they teach really well they help if u dont get it and they food is good and no on never have a problem with me
I always had fun there it was a great experience for me and my friends our 4 years there. The teachers were always on their job making sure you understood your assignments fully.
Horn Lake was okay. Of course it was not the best school but it was decent. Mostly, I enjoyed the sports, clubs, and the teachers who actually took the time to make an effort to enlighten students on the subject. What needs to be changed is probably the curriculum that some teachers teach students because it will not benefit us in college. The only classes that help us is the AP classes. The main classes that I actually enjoyed were the AP physics and AP calculus courses. Also the tennis team, cross country, etc should have a block like all the other sports
i loved attending horn lake high school , teachers were very friendly and easy to be approached. teachers seemed knowledgeable about the subject they taught. great choices in extracurricular activities
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Great School. Once you find that one person, whether it be a teacher, coach, counselor, or even a student, who pushes you to succeed, you can only go up!
My time at Horn Lake has been a character building journey. It taught me to ignore distractions and tunnel my vision that I set out for myself after graduation. It also helped me find my capabilities and aspirations. Since freshman year I longed for progression in the school itself and by my senior year I watched my school onboard determined teachers and offer better curriculum and that is all I could ask of Horn Lake High. The only thing that needs to be furthered is parental involvement and early exposure to college preparation for everyone and not just the honor students.
The experience is not bad here, I love the school. I have been here my whole life there is not really anything wrong with the school. I would like to see us get more involved in the community and with technology.
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