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I love Horn High school. The teachers and staff are caring and loving. I have learned a lot and became top 5% in my class. Not only was I a cheerleader but I am first chair in orchestra. I currently play the violin and have been playing since middle school. the school safety is highly important at this school. we have had some scare but the staff made sure we was safe. With all the school shootings going on they really put their students first. Bullying is another thing they do not tolerate. I have never been bullied personally but I have seen my share in bullying and Horn high school really takes this subject seriously.
What i like about horn high school isn't just the teachers or the students but the atmosphere. Everyone at horn makes the school a safe place it makes you feel at home.
Friendly staff and office workers. Most teachers are helpful and dedicated to their job. School lunch could have been way better.
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I loved our school Pride!! not only in sports/clubs but also our academics and test scores! The faculty members were amazing. Whether they were a janitor or a teacher, they were always there to help.
Compared to the middle school I went to, Horn High School offered me a safe space to be who I am. They are a very diverse school and very accepting. They offer everything from a GSA to a bowling team. My experience at Horn High School has molded me into a better person. I couldn't imagine going to any other high school.
In my four years of high school I have developed variety of friendships it teachers students and staff. Horn provides you with a family environment, if there was anything you needed all you had to do was talk to teachers and the staff
The past four years I spent at JHHS was truly an amazing experience. The teachers were always there when you needed them, and they genuinely care about your education. It is safe and one of the best Mesquite schools there is.
My oldest son just finished his freshman year at Horn High School and absolutely loved every minute of it. He played football, baseball, and plays in the band. All but one of his teachers really worked hard to help him learn to navigate his first year of high school.
Truly I love Horn for the diversity and my fellow classmates. Horn offers great opportunities in AP, Dual Credit, and CTE courses.
I am currently a student at John Horn High School who just finished their sophomore year and is transitioning into Junior year. My experience at this school during the past two years has been nothing but a great joy. I was always anxious what other people thought of me until I came to this high school where I was given a chance to be my true self. I was able to gain more friends than I ever imagined and became confident in myself. The staff at this school are very supportive of their students too, they are always there if you need them and support you through your hardships. Overall the last two years at this school helped me to be the better version of myself and I will always be proud to call myself a Jaguar.
You here kids talk about high school being this big scary place, but horn was different. No! Horn High School is different. Teachers, staff, and students always felt the need to involve everybody and make sure people were heard throughout the school. In my four years at horn I can honestly say that my perspective on education has changed, that my experience with friendship and trust has grown stronger, and that everyone should feel safe enough to express themselves. If you are going to Horn high school, not only will you have the time of your life, you will be taking care of academically, intellectually, and personally.
I loved the school spirit at Horn High School, the class of 2017 felt like one big family there. They had the greatest staff any high school could imagine, ranging form custodians to principals. Horn was a great school in all aspects especially in sports, Friday night lights were like the ones on the movies and being on the drill team and apart of the band meant that I was at every football game cheering them on.
Great School I loved it I graduated in 2016 I loved it the teachers were amazing Frau Ingram German teacher was amazing
In my four years at Horn High School, I have become very involved due to my teachers there. I was Vice-President of the National Spanish Honor Society, a member of the salsa club, a part of a culinary competition in FCCLA, and was exposed to many volunteer opportunities with the Hispanic Forum of Mesquite. I am truly grateful for my time there and I think highly of the school.
Since I came to this great country and resume my high school studies, Horn High School has made me feel that passion that every student feels at the beginning of a new academic day. This is due to the great support of all the staff that this school offers, from the wonderful administration to the always friendly and trained teachers.
I, a student who came from another country to conclude my studies, can say that this school offered me several support services such as diverse courses that helped me every day until I became the student that I am now, to tutorials and events to transmit and foster a positive attitude towards the challenges that every human being has to face in life.
All this effort given by the school gave me the tools that today and tomorrow will use to have the best future, so I can express from the depths of my soul as a student, young and someone with great dreams, TODAY IS A GREAT DAY TO BE A JAGUAR!!!
I have had an amazing experience here at John Horn High School. The school has given me more than I could ever hope. I am very involved in a lot of activities. Including Drill team, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Mu alpha deta and Refugee Club. I always look forward to waking up and spending the morning with the girls at drill practice. I love to dance and bond with them. I have also never had a bad experience with a teacher. I get along with all of my teachers. I have also gotten to have a closer relationship with a few of them. Horn is a place where I feel safe, a place that I care about, a place I will always remember.
I enjoyed my years in Horn. I never had any problems with anything. I do recommend this school. It will be missed.
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I enjoyed my 4 years at Horn High School because i was able to dance for the Sweethearts which is the drill team at my school. The drill teams teaches you alot of life lessons and become a better person and hold you accountable on all different levels.
What I like about Horn is the diversity that the school has and how much the teachers care about their students.
Horn is a good school. The teachers and faculty really care. No sport stands out other the football. Basketball would be up there but the coaches are highly biased. Teachers and students are diverse and your opinion is heard through the teachers and changes are made based off of those opinions. The school is not perfect but it is better than most. It is a pretty big school so there are plenty of people to meet and there are plenty of classes and extracurricular things to do. School linch is decent at best. As of freedom at Horn it feels limited. They are strict on dress code and you are limited in when and where you go in the hallways during class. Not too many complaints about this school though. Horn does do it's best to prepare you for college, especially if you are a junior and senior so that helps.
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