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I like how the teachers are nice and are always finding ways to let children learn as best as possible. The bathrooms are nice except there are only one set per gender in the whole school. Almost all attendants are white.
While declares it the safest district, Pewaukee schools were canceled earlier in the year due to an anonymous note about a shooting to happen the following day. It turned out to be just a prank. The culprit was never caught, and police sometimes roam around the school.
Pewaukee sports a football team for elementary schoolers, (pun not intended) art clubs, drumming clubs, and cheer. Those are only some. Football seems to be the most popular at the school, and people who play football get a jersey on their locker, which singles out the other kids for not playing football.
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Having events like a March Madness basketball game and Caine's arcade make the year enjoyable. This school is one of the only I know that is grades 4-6, though.
While the teaching and academics are very good, they only sometimes incorporate real world examples, and usually just take problems out of the workbook.
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