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I am very pleased on how well my child is cared for in school. He learns a lot and makes progress every week. The faculty and staff are very helpful there. I enjoy coming into that school to volunteer and participate in school-wide activities. Any concerns I have all teachers are approachable and are eager to help.
Horeb Christian School is a life changer in our city. Not only are our students taken care of academically but they are part of a family. Horeb pours all they can into the students of our community spiritually, academically and socially. Students at Horeb have the option to pursue athletics as well as the arts. I am extremely happy to see my son grow in this school.
I enjoyed my time at Horeb Christian School, especially since I felt as though I was a part of a tight-knit community of (mostly) friendly people. There were definitely some bumps along the road, such as a lack of fleshed-out sports programs and a couple of average teachers. For the most part, though, the school faculty and staff were a group of knowledgeable, funny, and caring individuals. I believe that Horeb Christian School overall is a very good school and I look back on my time there with fondness.
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Horeb Christian School is a small Christian private school. Because it is a small school it is like a small family. I have only been there a short time and I've already have teachers that feel like school moms or dads. Overall my experience has been enjoyable.
This is my third year at Horeb and I love the school! The teachers really care and the staff is friendly. It feels like everyone is always happy.
I’ve had a great experience at HCS. It’s a great environment where the teachers and staff really care about your future.
I absolutely love the school! The academics are rigorous and the school now offers dual enrollment classes on campus. The administration has done a great job of creating a loving culture.
Horeb Christian school provides a challenging academic curriculum and provides my child with a safe and loving environment. All the teachers are knowledgeable in their subject area and have degrees in their field of practice. Love the people and culture at this school!
I have been attending Horeb Christian School since the eighth grade. I am now a Senior and I would not want to have gone anywhere else. I've had quite a few amazing teachers who have very positively impacted my life and made me love learning. It's a small school, but I think that is what makes the atmosphere so great.
My grandchildren attend the school and they absolutely love it! A fantastic staff that really care! The administration has done a great job turning around the school and making it legit.
My daughter has been in Horeb since preschool and it’s been a huge blessing for us. Thankful for the teachers and staff. God is so kind!
I am very proud to be a part of this school. The principal and teachers go above and beyond for each student. My daughters have attended for 5 years now, and each year the school has grown and more programs and opportunities have been made available. The environment is that of a true Christian school, where you are treated as family.
Fantastic school with an amazing faculty and family environment! Everything done at Horeb Christian School is done with excellence and with God at the forefront. Students who attend the school are challenged and ultimately happy!
My son has been attending Horeb Christian School for 3 years in a row and I couldn't imagine having him in any other better Institution he has always exceeded all his grades the teachers are amazing dedicated the principal is outstanding always caring for the which attend the school SAT scores are at the highest and the school received $500,000 in Grants for all those who graduated I will try my best to keep my child in the school until he graduates as I am extremely satisfied with the education he's receiving and also their religious part of it. Thank you Mr Mackie for everything you have done for the school the teachers and specially the students.
Terriable atmosphere! Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere. MUCH better schools within miles of this horrible place. You have been warned.
Horeb Christian School is by far one of the best Christian schools in Miami-Dade county. The staff and faculty are exceptional and provide the students with an excellent education and solid Christian values. Very few educators have the patience for children, nor will they take the time to invest in them academically and spiritually, however, Horeb Christian School differs from all the rest. If you’re searching, look no further, Horeb is the place to be. :)

A happy parent
Horeb provides an amazing environment for my child. The school community is like family as everyone is very friendly. Their curriculum is strong & creative.
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It was an amazing 4 year experience. Amazing educational system, and family friendly environment. In the time-span of the 4 years i was in that high school, i never experienced any bullying, harassment, or fights. The teachers are always on top of your work, and they care about your grade. they will do anything to help you pass.
The biggest strength of Horeb Christian School is the small class sizes and tight-knit community aspect. With a smaller student to teacher ratio, it is very easy to communicate with teachers, thus making classes and homework easy to understand and clearly explained.
I attended Horeb from 9th through 12th grade and as a new student who just recently move countries, Horeb made me feel at home. I felt save and secure, there were somethings that the school need to improof like the clubs, their adminstration and so forth. Since, I graduated all those things have substantially improve.
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