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I love Horace Mann!!! I've attended this amazing school since I was four years old (14 years) and I cannot imagine calling another school my second home. The teachers are the greatest people I have ever met and some of my favorite people on earth. Of course, our school has its flaws, but they are no greater at Horace Mann than any other school in NYC. I wholeheartedly recommend Horace Mann and believe that you need to step on our campus and meet the students to truly understand what makes our school great!
Horace Mann is a school like no other. Although there may be some negative connotation about the school, it is an amazing environment to be a part of. The teachers are so accommodating, the administration is understanding, and the student body is supportive. I have been able to learn so much in my 15 years of attendance about life, connections, and myself.
It was amazing. I was able to customize and optimize my high school experience. Whether it was being able to pursue my love of sports on the varsity football or baseball teams, my love for critical thinking and puzzle solving in math and physics class, or my love for sharing your story through starting the Ted-Ed club, Horace Mann allowed me to do everything I would have wanted.
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I love HM! It is an amazing school with lots of opportunities to offer to both students and faculty. However, in terms of racial diversity, there is not a lot of representation for non-Asian POCs [Blacks, Latinx, Hispanic, etc.]
Although sometimes a little bit overwhelming, the academics are excellent and, especially in junior and senior year, diverse. There are many different paths that you can take in terms of the classes and electives that you choose. Additionally, there are many clubs and extracurricular activities that you can choose from that fit your interest.
I enjoyed how the level of competition in Horace Mann, although stressful at times pushed me to do better and thrive overall.
Horace Mann gave me an experience that was more than just academics. The institution prioritizes life of the mind, which is pushing yourself to think beyond tests and quizzes. Horace Mann offers a wide variety of extra curricular activities that captures any passion or interest a teen may have. The school has varsity sports from golf to skiing, performing arts like steel drums and theatre, robotics team, visual arts like ceramics and photography, and so many student run clubs/publications.
Going to Horace Mann challenged me both mentally and emotionally. I had never experienced a curriculum as stimulating prior to me going to Horace Mann. Their facilities, resources and academic opportunities have allowed me to be both socially and politically conscious of the environment around me. The students that you meet strive for nothing less than perfection. But I will admit that this yearning for perfection can be emotionally and mentally taxing on students. It can be hard to be in a school where almost everyone is a perfectionist and where the school grooms you for college from the very beginning. It can be overwhelming and tiring to have such expectations placed on you. But without the pressure put on by teachers and administration, I would not be as ready for college as I am now. Horace Mann guided me every step of the way through the college process and helped tremendously with anything I needed financially. The challenge is worth it, and so is attending Horace Mann.
Horace Mann School is amazing. The teachers are incredibly talented and engaged, and being a part of such a committed and intelligent student body makes me push myself harder to succeed.
Horace Mann is a place that values exquisite education. I learned more about the world at Horace Mann than many of my friends are learning at their various college and university programs. The school work was challenging and engaging, and my teachers were a constant, knowledgable support system. The facilities are excellent.
Very good school. The worst kid in my grade is probably still in the top 80th percentile in the country. Most of the teachers there are nice, as well as the facilities.
Horace Mann is indeed one of the top schools in the nation, the facilities are top-notch and the food is amazing. There are french fries, salad bars, hot food, pizza, dessert, and so much more available every single day. The academics are very intense and strong. Starting next year (2018 - 2019), the school is canceling is their AP courses because their own courses are harder than the APs. Overall, amazing school. 10/10
Academically speaking, Horace Mann offers a lot to each student. The courses are challenging and really help develop your thinking skills, rather than just memorizing a bunch of facts to get good grades. Teachers here really care about what you write - they rarely, if ever, just slap a grade on. Good grades are earned solely through showing the teacher your thought process. There are a plethora of clubs and it's super easy to start one if the school lacks an organization that you're interested in. However, I felt excluded a lot, as most of my peers were extremely wealthy and Jewish. I, coming from a middle-class background, struggled a lot with the reality of my situation and my friends who seemed to looked down on the poor.
It is a great place to be! Amazing environment, helpful teachers, and everyone is eager to learn new things!
If what you are looking for is a great education then this is your school.
However if your intention is to get into a good college then don't be fooled by the IVY acceptance rate as it is exclusively legacy students who get into these colleges.
In fact if you have no pull like most normal people but your child is academically strong then you are infinitely better of going to your local public school whatever their admit rate is. At HM your child will always compete with the same group of 20 kids that have the same circumstances and since IVY spots are already spoken for long before you even realize you're out of the race then you're fighting for spots in subpar colleges.
Do not be fooled by the numbers, do your homework.
Joining the HM community in the fall! I'm beyond excited for the academic rigor, bright peers and beautiful campus! Couldn't have wished for a better school!
Horace Mann is the definition of a college preparatory academy. All of the facilities and classes are designed to nurture the kind of thinking that is highly valued at many universities. The lack of a standardized equilibrium means that teachers are not required to teach "to-the-test," as many public schools must. Instead, teachers teach to make sure the students have an understanding of the topic.
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Terrible administration, completely tone deaf and always focusing on Trustees' kids and their needs.
Horace Mann was a great school that completely prepared me for college. The teacher really care about the student and enjoy teaching. The student body is extremely competitive without being cut-throat. While our athletic teams are not the most competitive, this is offset by amazing facilities and the ability for every student to partipate in sports.
Horace Mann is an elite private school that is very hard to get into. I've been there 6 years but finally leaving. It was a good experience and opened up my eyes to many new experiences and wrongdoings about the world.