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As you can prob tell, our academics are stellar. The good: The athletics and academics are incredible. Everyone is really driven and friendly. Cliques aren't really a thing. You can basically be as unique as you want to be. Also the best public school food I have ever eaten. The bad: The pressure/competition is cutthroat. Once a month, there's a whole week of tests in every class (it just happens to all align at once) and the cheating, lying, etc. then is unreal. Teachers will only focus on the high achievers; getting genuine help is hard. You can def stay out of it in Honors/Regular classes tho. Everyone will be going to top tier colleges here, and you'll get judged for saying you want to go to CC/UMass. Everyone is so privileged it's insane. The area is very liberal, which you prob know, but remember that when you're voicing your opinions in public. Overall, it's a grind, but worth it, bc your future is made. You may not be a great student, but you're in great company.
Loved my time at Hopkinton. Teachers and staff go above and beyond to make sure you’re prepared for the next step of your life.
As a person of color, I could've been treated better in general. In that regard, I often did not receive the proper support I needed.
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The teachers and staff at Hopkinton High School genuinely want to see their students succeed. They have good test scores and a high percentage of students that go to college afterwards. The school has strong academic programs, a large arts program, and a variety of extra-curricular activities. I like that they use a one-on-one program that ensures each kid has a personal computer to help them learn and get the most out of their classes. However, my biggest critique of the school would be it's lack of diversity, both among the students and the staff.
Hopkinton has excellent academics and is well-deserving of its high rankings. However, the school has an extremely competitive environment and high focus on college.
Very good academic environment and encouraging to all students. I've been in this town my whole life and grew up with my classmates, but Hopkinton High School always made sure to welcome new students coming in. I always had great teachers and was on the honor roll all of high school. I felt very secure and comfortable asking questions to my teachers and there were plenty of resources to get help if needed. I was involved in tons of club which were easy to sign up for during the club fair at the beginning of each year and meetings are easy to get involved with. Sports at Hopkinton High School have a lot of school spirit and rely on teamwork. It's easy to get involved in sports even if you're not on a team by coming to games and supporting the hillers community from the bleachers. It's also easy to become a captain for a team. The school culture is very welcoming to all students with hiller pride. Safety is also excellent with an on campus police officer and drills to ensure safety.
I've been enrolled at HHS through all of my time in high school, and I have loved it the whole time. All the teachers are willing to provide support to students, and there are always resources available to help all students. It's a great environment, and everyone can find something they like to do at HHS.
It is a very nice environment with a lot of good resources for the students. It offers a lot of different courses with encouraging staff and administration. The student life is also very nice as well.
Hopkinton is a great school, that offers great opportunities for students to challenge themselves. Academically, its one if the strongest in the country. However, Id say the culture is pretty reminiscent of what I’d call a typical high school. Kids go to sports games, pep rally, all that jazz. There are some major problems with vaping and drug usage, hard to find someone who hasnt done either.
Hopkinton High is a great school filled with very loving people and has a focus on academics. I would totally recommend it to anyone, as I have never felt like my teachers don't know what they are talking about. There is very little diversity in our school though, so if you are looking for a district with a diverse body this is not where you would want to be. I feel very college ready and the top of my new college class of 2024! The school does have a liberal bias, so if you are a republican it can be very difficult to feel accepted for your views.
At Hopkinton High school I have a learning specialist who has gone above and beyond to help me with any schedule issues, academic challenges and social predicaments i've had. She has helped me succeed throughout high school and I wouldn't be as successful as I am now without her help. I wish in Hopkinton High school there were more periods of cp classes for students. Lately they have been cutting down on the number of cp classes and I feel like if we are not comfortable to move up to an honors level then we shouldn't have too. I want to make sure that I am comfortable with my classes and if I don't like my classes its not going to motivate me to come to school everyday.
Hopkinton High School is a very welcoming place. The students there are extremely competitive and high-achieving. It has an encouraging environment and is becoming more and more diverse everyday.
Amazing teachers and education. A great place to learn and grow. Community involvement is crucial and makes the high school experience amazing. There is a good balance between athletics and academics. The staff and teachers are amazing and care a lot about the students as people and as students.
Hopkinton High School is flooded with enthusiastic students and teachers. The environment is more than accepting and it is obvious that every teacher cares for their students and strives to see them perform at their best potential. There are many events to get every kind of student involvement and to join each grade together to create a strong sense of Hopkinton pride.
Hopkinton High is an amazing school. It offers students various courses at various levels. It is wonderful at helping students cope with problems. New motions are being passed to help lighten a student's workload by including extra work periods. Teachers tend to teach at a high level but are very supportive at the end. In the end, throughout my experience, Hopkinton High has truly been wonderful and there have been very few times where I've felt really stressed.
I enjoy Hopkinton High a lot more than the middle school, and I feel as though the environment and atmosphere make it easier to relax and be yourself. I find that I can do what I want without being judged. We still have cliques, but it starts to diversify after sophomore year. The rigor and pace of the classes are good. The teachers are hard graders, but it overall really helps because they know what they are doing.
I really like how much everyone is focused a lot on academics but they still have time for extra curricular. They have good sports teams and the teachers for the most part understand that most students have lives outside of school and are somewhat flexible if there are conflicts with home life. I dislike that much of the student body is left leaning. It seems like if anyone says anything that doesn't align with their specific guidelines for what is okay to say, they are chastised. There is a big problem with juuling and drinking at the school, which is something I personally am against.
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I love Hopkinton High School. The teachers always encourage students to do their best. HHS offers a plethora of clubs, with new ones being added every year. The guidance counselors listen to the students and lead studensts to success in the future. Even though some classes might be challenging, teachers support students to make sure every student is successful.
This school is most horrible. It absolutely does not do its job. It does not take care of the well being of the kids. It does not ensure their physical or mental safety, and there are drugs everywhere. The administration only cares about its reputation, so things that happen in school remain hidden. Shame on them.
The teachers and staff members are all really passionate about their jobs. Of course, there are a few teachers who weren't the best. But overall, a good set of staff. School is clean and comfortable. Overall friendly students and a positive overall feel to the school. I enjoyed my years there.
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