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The safety aspect at this school is excellent. In my seven years there, nothing ever happened, and everyone felt safe at all times. There is a police officer on duty during school hours, as well as a crossing guard who would alert the office immediately if anything odd were to happen. Bullying is not very prevalent in this school, but when it occasionally does occur, the teachers deal with it promptly and well. The nurse is always available when needed, and is very helpful.
There is a catalog every year with Hope School offering various after school classes, including pottery, manners classes, drama, visual art, basketball, and more. The school heavily invests in these programs and make sure they are taught by qualified and kind instructors. They are accepting of all students who wish to join, and offer scholarships to those who need them.
My favorite experience from this school is the ultimate frisbee team that was established in my fourth grade year. I had never heard of the sport before, but I always wanted to learn how to throw a frisbee well, so I signed up, and I am so glad I made that decision. It was a way to harness us students energy and direct it towards something fun, healthy, and something that was a great learning experience. This school is unique because of the emphasis it places on helping the community. Students are pushed to join Student Council, a group of kids which go to various places in the city with elderly people and give them flowers and cards for valentines day. Also, the school is currently growing organic lettuce, and sells it to people in the community at a satisfactory price, to raise money for children to go to awesome summer camps.
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The teachers at this school cared about all of the children present very deeply, and wanted to make sure that they were successful and always tried their best. This school gave me a very solid foundation for studying techniques and my learning style, which I am very thankful for. The teachers were all very nice to the students, and were able to mix in being both kind but also strict in their teaching styles, which helped to calm down the classroom when needed. They are all knowledgeable and skilled in their profession, and certainly are teachers for good reason.
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