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Hoosac is a school that I can say that I am proud to attend. Its academic rigor constantly challenges its students and myself. The teachers there are some of the best people that I have ever met thus far in my life. All of them are willing to take time out of their days to provide their students with any extra assistance that is needed. The student community is supportive and friendly. The school is a place where you can leave your laptop or phone sitting out in the open and they will still be there even if you leave them unattended for an hour. The only gripe that I have with the school is the administration. I cannot think of going anywhere else.
The school culture of Erie First was great, such as homecoming spirit week, INITE, and other school events. I was involved in football and Track, and thought they really added to my high school experience. I thought it was nice that we had a period dedicated to school clubs. Of course the school had TONS of resources that you wouldn't find at any other high schools such as all of the new research labs and equipment.
I've never regretted coming to Hoosac there are so many opportunities here that I would never have had at another school. Because of the Partnership Fund and funding from the state, we have many resources for scientific research and new experiences. In addition, there are so many teachers who are not only knowledgeable in their field, but will also go out of their way to help their students learn. The best part about Hoosac is that everyone has their "thing" that they're known for, and they're all across the board, from being a yo-yo master to knowing how to play the harp. However, over the years I've been at the school, the school environment has definitely become more toxic, and I'd like to see the old school back.
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The clubs and sports that I am involved in are numerous which I have the school to thank for. This is my fourth year in cheer leading, third year in Key Club and this spring will be my third year in track. All of these organizations are great programs to be apart of and it accommodates to everyone's needs or skills. Hoosac is really big into "student athletes", you are a student before you are an athlete, so the school really pushes athletes to get good grades. It's a great lesson to balance a sport and school at the same time.
I liked HOOSAC High School in that they offered a lot of Honors and Advanced Placement classes for me to take that prepared me a lot for university. The teachers were very helpful and I encourage becoming a part of the Arts program because my time in orchestra was really fun and rewarding. Each graduation class is large but not too large in that you feel too lost in the shuffle. Each individual class size is around 30 students, which is very reasonable. Most teachers are very approachable with help outside of class. Sports are also held in high importance at the school so those are fun in which to be involved, I myself was on the Baseball team.
We transferred jr year from to Hoosac(specifically for their academic program and school spirit) and they made the transition incredibly smooth & pleasant! My daughter came out of her shell at Hoosac and was filled with school pride for her school.More importantly, I have told many parent since the switch I wish I’d done it earlier because their academic program is unparalleled! They start in Jr High with college prep, SAT’s and preparing our kids to become adults. What a student completes in on year at other high schools, they complete in one semester. That notion scared us at first but, again, the teachers there made it easy for her/us! The teachers, counselors and staff are always caring, accessible and the communication is top notch!
I am incredibly grateful we made the switch!
As I have said, this school offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities, ranging from Math Club to other clubs, and so many more! Almost all of students possible club interests are met at this school, and many people I know have joined more than a few clubs. However, one thing that could be better is the management of club hours and days. Usually there are posters around school, and announcements made about certain clubs, but it is easy to miss. Or maybe I was just lazy and never went to my guidance counselor to ask. Overall, Hoosac has very terrific extracurricular opportunities, that I'm sure many students enjoy.
Although there are some negative attributes that come to mind when i think of Hoosac school, I am glad i was able to attend this school. The diversity allowed me to receive my education as well as be acquire knowledge of many different ethnic backgrounds. Although I have had a lot of passionate teachers a minority of them are quite horrendous. I don't mean to put my school in a bad light, but there are teachers that are not fit for teaching their particular subject. I recommend surprise assessments/visits from a higher power to catch those who aren't full filling their job off-guard. Some of the more positive qualities are the range of Advanced Placement classes available. Although I do wish I was better informed about the benefits of AP classes, I am still grateful for the fact that I benefited from the 5 I took and am currently taking.
Hoosac School is like any other school but even better. This school is unique, it is extremely diverse and offers a lot. Ranging from AP courses to sports to amazing electives, this school holds its ground. Many would try to boast about their schools, trying to make theirs sound better than others, but this school stands out. It's teachers are always extremely motivated to learn, you'll never see math teachers more enthusiastic about shapes and formulas. While this school needs to work on it's foreign language department, it still offers a great deal of things. This is definitely a school that people should consider going to because everyone is motivated to succeed.
Great school, great principal and amazing administrative staff. School gets you college ready while letting you enjoy what seems to be the most beneficial 4 years of life. athletic teams are just as amazing as the band and drill team. arts teacher is award winning and amazingly caring. food choices are almost perfect.
Only few schools offer the connections and opportunities that are readily available at Hoosac. The school holds its reputation for a reason. The teachers and staff are dedicated to helping kids learn and grow, and the resources available to help accomplish that are seemingly endless. The school is very tech savvy, as everything is done using the right technology. Guidance is very involved in the college application process, and they start preparing for it as early as sophomore year. Beyond that, the campus is very secure, what with countless security guards and cameras. There are many clubs, and new ones pop up every year. Our sports teams are pretty successful, especially varsity football. If you’re a student who has the drive to improve and overcome any
My overall experience at Hoosac School has been awesome. By having the opportunity to attend this college prep experience, I will be able to adapt without any issues once I go off to college in the Fall 2019. I have gained a lot of insight on diversity as well by interacting with various students of different ethnicities throughout my high school years. The teachers have ensured I have the appropriate tools to be successful for college readiness. The security is superb, I feel extremely safe when I'm at school due to the fact that if anyone tries to enter the campus they must present their identification at all the lots.
This is a fantastic school! Students have hard-working teachers providing meaningful instructions and materials. In this school, students have the opportunity to thrive in academics, athletics, and arts. Students are college-ready by the time they graduate!I love that fact that as big as this school is, they somehow manage to successfully create an intimate atmosphere where most teachers help every kid. They’re great at communicating with parents, especially in real-time when anything out of the ordinary happens. Truly appreciated!
The academics here are amazing! There’s a lot of classes to choose from as well as multiple AP, IB, and honors ones as well. One thing I love about Hoosac is the IB and Val Tech program they offer students to take part in! The teachers are also really good and they obviously care about the students and help them to get ready for college
I have been at Hoosac School for the last 4 years and have had a great experience. I am most focused on academics so I've been involved in their IB and other programs, both of which have prepared me for my future and given me an academic edge. Additionally I have run cross country for the last 4 years and met a wide range of diverse people. Overall the school staff and teachers have been extremely kind and understanding. The school has many activities that require student funding and school cafeteria food is not amazing, but overall it has been a great experience.
The school is very diverse, although many people only stick to their own social classes. As for the academics, in my opinion I believe there are many great classes that do prepare you for college and ensure you’re learning as much as possible.
Hoosac provides a very competitive and academically challenging environment to its students. Nevertheless, I think that this school provides rewarding experiences for its students through the academic courses offered, numerous clubs and activities, encouraging teachers and much more. The school helps its students to pursue their interests and consistently work hard, especially through the rigorous workload and many opportunities given. I think that Hoosac is the best school for my daughters.
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Hoosac is what it is. A very competitive and academically rigorous school, with a focus on both the academics and athletics. While the school has its strengths there, it has weaknesses in most other places but the strengths surpass the weaknesses by far. The School is what you make of it and it can be most rewarding for everyone.
Hoosac is one of the best schools in the state and well known for the academic and athletic excellence. The school is located at a good place and the environment is suitable for learning. I schooled in this school and the culture was great and it has managed to keep the good reputation going and producing very smart minds.
It's really a great school. Pretty easy to get involved in whatever you want to. The teachers actually genuinely care about you and your well-being and sincerely want you to learn. Yes, you'll meet the occasional pompous narcissist, but they're easy to avoid and only bother you as much as you let them. Since am just in freshman year let's see what the future holds.