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Honeoye Falls-Lima Senior High School Reviews

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Honeoye Falls lima is a great environment for kids to grow up in. The teachers are always ready to lend a helping hand and a sense of community is felt throughout the school no matter if it’s from homecoming weekend or going to get lunch after school in town.
Personally, I really enjoyed the safe and friendly environment at HF-L. The school has a very welcoming community feel. Since HF-L has so many after school activities, everyone has the opportunity to find somewhere they fit in and feel like they are a part of. The HF-L Freight Train really brings students together in supporting their sports teams and makes games fun for everyone. In my experience, the teachers have all been very open to students asking questions and staying after for any help. Overall, it is clear that the faculty at HF-L want their students to succeed and prepare them well for their futures.
The students and teachers are both very kind, accepting, and welcoming. In addition, the academics are quite good as well.
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An absolutely amazing high school that is nationally recognized for its amazing education and scores. Many faculty members I am able to go up to if I have a problem and they all want you to excel. During my college process everyone has been amazingly helpful in a stressful time for myself. All my peers are outstanding and push me to be my best on a daily basis. I am involved in tons of extracurricular activities that are available.
Honey Falls-Lima schools district has been one of the best schools I have ever attended as a 8-12 student. The staff there are so nice and want to give their students all the tools they need to be successful. Also, the test scores are alway's higher than most neighboring districts, because HFL strives for academic success and set's high schoolers up for the transition to the work force and college life.
This is a great school! The teachers really care about their students and make an effort so they have the opportunities to succeed.
The Honeoye Falls-Lima High School is incredible and excels in every aspect and department (academics, athletics, music, art, robotics, etc). As part of a tight-knit community, everyone in this small town and school is very supportive and helpful to one another. Each person feels important and as if they belong. It is not hard to find a place and a passion. Whenever there is a big game, musical, or concert, or art show, you will find the majority of the community there. If they are not there, they are following updates online or in the newspaper. The typical HF-L student has good grades and participates in at least two other activities... and they are hard-working, kind, social, and personable. The only downside to this high school is that everyone might know each other TOO well, and there is not much diversity. However, the Honeoye Falls-Lima High School has a hometown feel like no other. It is not hard to be successful and make many friends along the way.
There is a strong concentration on sports and academics, however other interests tend to be ignored.
As a parent of three , one whom is a 2014 graduate of HF-L, my experience has been wonderful. I am very pleased with the level of care and concern that I've received along with my sons from the staff. We have had a very pleasant 9 years of being apart of the district.
It is a very relaxed environment but the education is serious. It is astounding how much better our scores are compared to the rest of the country. An open campus would be nice though...
While the school is, academically at least, very strong and one of the best in the country; the diversity is horrible. Essentially an all white school.
Amazing school that does an excellent job preparing students for college. The guidance office and the teachers are exceptional.
In terms of academics, it is a great school. The high school is highly ranked and the teachers are qualified and personable. It is a small town and that atmosphere is obvious. There is very little diversity, but it is only due to the rural location. The community is nice and welcoming.
High quality facilities and staff, generally well mannered students. Only 4 stars because those who aren't in Honors programs are far more disadvantaged than those who are. It feels like you're either Honors or you're dumb. Also, least diverse public school I've seen.
The University at Buffalo offers their own student health care program through Gallagher health, but if you have a medical insurance plan under your parents, you can waive the fee
there are over 100 clubs and there are a lot of organizations that help this school
The University at Buffalo is one of the best SUNY schools in all of New York State and they have so much to offer. there are monthly concerts and many activities to choose from and a lot of clubs and organizations students and staff can choose to be in. There are on school shopping places such as CVS and even many restaurants.
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the teachers here are all from different ethnic diversities and they all play a very huge role in my learning and learning from different ethnicities is very interesting as everyone has something to contribute into my education whether it be different or not.
I believe that this school does a great job in this department. We don't have armed guards (or any guards, actually), but there are measures taken to make sure that students will be safe in the building. The administration has taken strides to try and combat the bullying epidemic that seems to be sweeping across the nation, and I think that with time their programs may become more effective. I do however wish that there were more lock down drills. In the past few years the United States has seen far more school shootings than school fires. It doesn't make sense for us to do 18 fire drills per year, but only one or two lock downs when that's not the real threat anymore.
There are a plethora of clubs and after school organizations available to students at HFL, but one thing that I think is impressive is the fact that students can take the initiative to start new clubs. Every year new clubs come out of the woodwork, driven by students who are helped by teachers to bring their dreams to life. Most of these organizations, existing and newly creative, receive enormous amounts of support from the faculty involved.
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