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This school most defiantly prepares you for college, and there are a lot of programs that students can utilize. Overall this is a great school, it was my first year there as a senior and they made me feel welcome. Wish there was more diversity, but that will most likely change in the future.
There are so many opportunities that this school provides, whether its duel credit classes, Advanced Placement classes, different clubs, and multiple sports teams. Homesteads provides many different communities where everyone can find a home.
What I truly love about Homestead is the indisputably friendly yet professional atmosphere shrouding the school. The amiable staff are open and supportive of all the students, and are willing to take valuable time out of their day to ensure all students are comfortable with the curriculum. Homestead also offers a variety of after-school and before-school activities, so there are very few, if any, idle minds wandering the school.
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The school is strict. Strict like a dictatorship. I do not believe half of these reviews saying that, 75% of students think teachers care. I believe they do not. They hand out assignments to push their agenda, they do not care about the student actually learning. They(the school administrators and such) feel the need to involve themselves in students lives outside of school, which if you asked most students they would agree on this.
exquisite school with a lot of people witch makes it a fun place to be. I love it here any a lot of other people do too. Its super challenging but thats probably why we are the #1 school in fort wayne.
In this school, I feel very prepared for college. I'm given more than just the resources for graduation requirements. The sports coaches are terrific, the marching band is award winning, and the academics are through the roof fantastic. Something that should change is the administration. It seems that they care inconsistently about the mental health of the students, and little to no leighway is given to those students who don't feel capable of success.
I think it provides great opportunities to be successful if you take advantage of them. It orients classes to prepare you for future education such as college but also offers opportunities to pursue other options not necessarily college. For example, anthis which technical education for welders and firefighters and others who don't need a college education.
Homestead is a wonderful high school with excellent teachers, students, activities, and an amazingly friendly environment. The teachers really care about the students and want them to succeed.
Homestead offers a variety of dual credit and AP courses which I really like. They are challenging, but I believe they are preparing me well for college.
Very good experiences with my classes. But my counselor was not the best. I constantly had to switch classes in order to meet certain standards that I was not even aware of. This being said, I enjoyed all of my classes and all of my teachers were great and well educated.
Homestead offers great education and many opportunities. However, they do a poor job at education students on post high school options. They make every student think they have to go to college if they want to have a successful future. Homestead acts like they are a private school even though they are public. They have an unnecessarily strict dress code and tend to favor the athletes and students who are involved in the school over children who are not.
I love this school. This school helps a lot with future education. The extra circulars are extremely involving and fun to go to or participate in. Going to Homestead you meet a lot of people because of the size. Homestead High School is overall a great high school.
Homestead offers a wide variety classes ranging from basic core classes to more advanced courses such as advanced placement and dual credit. Being a student who craves information and learning, Homestead has allowed me to find a path I want to follow down once I graduate and head on to college. I also believe that the staff and the way the school runs has prepared me greatly for what is to come in the future when I head out to prepare for my career. The variety of business, science, English, math, art classes, etc. that are offered really help a student figure out their calling before being thrown into adulthood.
As a student, I felt like the Administration cared more about the student body than the students themselves. I very much felt like another body lost in the crowd of bodies crowding the school. It was also hard to find a sense of belonging as drama was rampant in the school, as is expected of high school, but the counselors did very little to keep it under control. I was very fortunate to have access to a well built school with a huge range of options for classes, but everything else just fell flat for me. I never felt fully informed about my options at school, or felt fully heard when I expressed my concerns. I'm honestly just glad I'm graduated and heading off to college, four years in high school was almost too much for me.
It's a great school. I had a great experience there. There's some teachers that made my experience less exciting, but overall it's a great school.
Homestead was a nice school, decent teachers, classrooms were clean and colorful. The school had a good atmosphere, but the people were not as nice. They had a lot of groups or just people that would stand in the middle of the hallway.
The academics are good, for the most part. Math teachers need to improve, they move at a too fast of a pace and many students struggle with math. School should fund more programs for minorities. When requesting to attend educational programs for minorities, the request was rejected due to "no available funds" and when students offered to pay for themselves it was still rejected. Other schools such as FWCS offers students the ability to attend these programs. The school limits field trips which limits the ability for students to explore potential careers. Overall though, the school is not bad and prepares students for college.
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Homestead High School has helped me learn about my careers and interests. I now know my goals as a student and the major I plan on going towards. The arts at homestead are incredible, and being a member of the show choir, it has not only taught me social skills but singing and dancing, which are very crucial to the musical theatre major i hope for.
My experience at Homestead was a relatively good one. I participated in every activity I could, formed relationships with my teachers, and grew with my fellow peers. Although administration could be revised, they still did a lot of things well.
I think Homestead High School is a good school with very good academics. It is located in a good area, and it has very good class options for everyone. Seriously, there are classes for students looking to do a wide variety of things after High School. The counselors work with the students 1 on 1 to try to figure out the student's future, at least in a broad scope, based on the student's strengths and passions. Overall, Homestead High School is a good school that is a good fit for any high school student.
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