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I love this school because it has become like family. All the people there are friendly and you really get to bond with them. However, over the last year or so, the school has gone through huge changes. Lots of new teachers came, as well as a new principle, so things are a lot different. I do not know how it is now, for I only attend college now as a running start student, but going there for advising made me realize that it is different from what I remember it to be two years ago.
The teachers at this school try their best. It is not easy giving a five hour lesson in three hours, as well as make sure the students are paying attention and understand, as well as not disrupting the class. They always find time outside of class to help if a student needs the help, which is great!
I have never felt unsafe
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This school is a homeschool. We can participate at the high school. I played varsity tennis.
You get what you put into it.
They do a good job
It is a homeschool. We get to participate at n any of the high school programs. I played varsity tennis for Lake Stevens High school.
I had a good experience
I chose Homelink because I struggled with math. I thought that by switching to a smaller school where there was more teacher-student interaction and a different curriculum that I would become more successful in math and other subjects. I was right.
One rule that is very important to follow is students that are not in High School must have a parent/adult-in-charge nearby at all times. This rule is primarily because Homelink is a K-12 school. There are other rules, but I haven't had any experience with them. Homelink's never had a problem with bullying or the dress code while I went there. Students are there because they want to learn, so they behave.
The teachers at Homelink are the best! All of the teachers are on campus for several hours a day and are easy to contact via email. They explain concepts well and encourage you to work hard on your homework.
ASB is basically the only club at Homelink. The students who join do their job well. High school students are encouraged to attend ASB meetings to provide feedback and help plan events that everyone will enjoy.
One of the best things about Homelink is the small class size. The small classes allows for students to ask their teachers questions during or after class. If a student is struggling, they are able to sit down with their teacher for substantial amounts of time until the student understands the concept. Teachers are also able to adjust how fast or how much material is covered. I had a lot of classes that covered things that aren't normally taught in regular high schools due to time constraints.

I was worried when I started college that I wouldn't be ready for the harder classes. Turns out that I was more than prepared. The structure of my college schedule is very similar to what my Homelink schedule was. At Homelink students attend class twice a week (for the majority of the classes) and the rest of the week is spent doing homework at home. Any student attending Homelink has to be very self-motivated because the teachers aren't able to give you constant reminders of homework due dates. These traits are identical to situations found in college.
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