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Holy Martyrs Cabayan Elementary & Ferrahian High School Reviews

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What I like most about Holy Martyrs is the family environment and the close relationships that all the students create with one another. The teachers who work hard everyday to help us reach our full potential and the trusting relationships the students are able to build with the them. The activities and events that the students plan, which creates a fun and inviting environment for all students. I like that I am able to learn so much about the Armenian culture and become more involved with the traditions, history, and language of my heritage.
I've been at this school for four years after being in a public school and I'm so happy that I was able to come to this school.
Although there isn't a tremendous variety of clubs at my school, but the clubs that they do offer are very organized, fun for the students, educational and they teach a large number of skills.
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My favorite experience I had at Holy Martyrs has definitely been the class trip we took to Armenia in 11th grade. As Armenians, we are deeply connected to our roots and heritage and seeing our homeland for the first time is a deeply gratifying experience.
The teachers ay my school are selfless, highly intelligent and can successfully control and teach the students in almost all classes.
Very friendly and helpful for college preparation and has a a tight-knit community that looks out for one another
The school curriculum and policies allow students to climb the academic ladder to success, of course if they choose to do so.
The teachers at Ferrahian are very caring and friendly. Most teachers are devoted to academic excellance.
Administration is always making sure that the school is upkept.
Safe environment for students and faculty. Great neighborhood.
My academic experience at Ferrahian High School best prepared me for university life. The curriculum included a wide selection of AP courses to choose from. By taking various AP courses I was able to earn college course credit and receive my Bachelor of Science degree in three years.
Good education some great teachers
Some teachers are great and very knowledgeable, some are NOT!
lots of potential, needs improvement
Need a lot of improvement in student resources, parent involvement and college prep resources.
principal doesn't know students, not involved. Also, not motivating or encouraging.
no current clubs. no administrative support to have clubs and improve/increase afterschool activities
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Not too much extracurricular is offered here
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