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At Holy Cross I experienced love and family. Throughout the years I made great friends that I can call family. They molded me to the man I am today and opened my future with great opportunities both academically and non academically. What I would like to see change at Holy Cross is the preparation for college. Academically they help, however for everything else that involves getting ready for college they do no prepare us.
The school is centered around brotherhood. My son excelled in this school. Things that I would change would be in the sports programs seems like favoritism and friendships exceed talent.
Great staff and learning environment. Teachers are nice and knowledgeable and will work with the student to get the best results.
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Holy Cross High School was a good experience that I'm glad to have. the idea of family is driven home to the point where your peers feel more like brothers than friends. Although it has its problems, it is an overall great experience.
Holy Cross needs a better math program for sure with new teachers. Our sports program could be improved as well.
I just recently graduated from HC and it made me the man I am today. Between my participation in the Scholar's program, the band, and debate program, HC truly did shape me in mind body heart and soul. I would strongly recommend that anyone send their son here. The teachers truly care about their students and I was more than prepared for college.
Holy Cross is an all-boys school where everyone is treated equally and no one is left behind. Students help one another, along with the teachers who try their hardest to make sure their students have the best chances for success in the future. Holy Cross offers a myriad of different courses for students of all areas of academic interest.
Holy Cross has a brotherhood atmosphere and everyone feels welcome. I have been at Holy Cross for the past 8 years and I love going to school everyday to be with the people who constantly strive to make me a better person and student.
Holy Cross is a great school where one can learn about tradition and brotherhood while receiving a quality education. Holy Cross does a great job at preparing students for the rigor if college as the teachers there demand the best from you.
We love the school. Great teachers and a great education. There is a great sense of family and brotherhood between the boys. The statement is true they enter as boys and leave as men.
The school offers a college preparatory experience like none other. The experience that Holy Cross offers each and every student is truly irreplaceable.
Great faculty and staff. Family atmosphere. This is not just a school, it is an experience. From boys to men...
Holy Cross became my home away from home for 4 years and I have nothing but good things to say about my experience. The growth in my faith, in brotherhood with my peers, and intellectually were all outstanding.
Holy Cross offers a strong academics programs where I have been able to excel. I am currently taking AP and Dual Enrollment Classes. I have been in honor classes throughout my years at Holy Cross School. The teachers are well-trained and helpful to the students. I have had the opportunity to participate in extracurricular programs including sports, clubs and the Holy Cross Tiger Band. In the Band Program I have mastered my musical talent and am currently playing alto, tenor, clarinet and bassoon. Holy Cross offers strong catholic faith as well. This year I am serving as an Extraordinary Minister. I have made lifelong friends at Holy Cross and have come to emulate the value of the Holy Cross Man.
Beautiful new campus built after hurricane Katrina. Over a hundred years of rich tradition located in New Orleans.
Holy Cross is just acceptable. My son is there and will continue through middle school but the diversity is mediocre at best, the academics are about the same as the public and charter schools in the area. Nothing about Holy Cross stands out to me except for its campus, which is beautiful.
I am a senior who attend Holy across. Compared to other catholic schools, to me Holy Cross is by far the best. My classmates really feel like family.
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Holy Cross has been an awesome experience. Excellent academics in a supportive and spiritually enriching environment.
Gay= Satan. I'm actually gay, so you can see how this would make me a bad thing at this school. this place is terrible, and i wouldn't recommend it to any student.
I have been at Holy Cross since 7th grade and it is a great school. The school is strict I will admit, but I think they are fair.
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