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Holtville High school does prepare for you college at all. Holtville does not offer nearly enough AP courses and values sports more than academics.
Holtville High School is a school I would want my children to go in the future. It is filled with amazing staff members. Everyone here gets along so well. The valley in general is so supportive of everything that goes around such as sports, band, etc. Coming to Holtville High is, and always will be, a great experience. Although the school is mixed mostly with Mexican culture, everyone at school get along so well without minding their differences. If I were to be asked what school I recommend in the Imperial Valley, I would say Holtville. There is nothing better than Holtville High.
My 4 years of high school at Holtville High School have been the most adventurous years of my life. It's a school with a lot of spirit and happiness all around. The staff are great with the students, it makes a comfortable environment for the students to ask any questions or ask for help if they need it. I would say we only needed a few improvements that weren't taken into action but that didn't stop from the school still being a great school.
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I've had a great experience in Holtville High School these past 4 years. Students are friendly and teachers are always willing to help. Teachers are very involved because because it is a small community, that was great because we always got the attention we needed. I came from a big city and the change was drastic, I felt welcomed when I moved here and I know others will too.
We have a good sports program but inclusivity is lacking. The staff consists of many alumni so differing lifestyles are difficult to find. The biggest drawback to small schools is no opportunity to re-invent yourself. How you are pegged at age 5 stays with you throughout your school years.
Holtville High School is a school where the students and the staff members are very involved with each other. The teachers care about the students and want them to be the best they can be.
At Holtville High I really like the fact that you can easily interact with the teachers and staff. It is a smaller school so I have easy access to what I need and the help I need. I really like the energy the teachers and principle bring out during assemblies and other speacial events. The only thing I would like to see change is the food that is provided for us during lunch.
The atmosphere and presence of the school is very inviting to individuals. It is a very community centered school, with parent involvement. However, I would like to see a change in the teacher involvement. While the majority of the teachers preform their job as required, they tend to rush their lessons, and therefore hinder the learning of other students.
My experience with Holtville High School has been quite unique to my other experiences across the U.S, like in Arizona and Wisconsin. Holtville High School is unique to me because it is such a small campus compared to the urban schools I have been in the past where thousands of students attended one school. Meanwhile, Holtville High School has about 600 students at most every year. This small community of students and staff creates a comforting closeness within the school campus.
Holtville High School is a pretty small school, only about 450-500 students in total. The majority of the students who attend here have grown up together. Personally, I love my school. With being such a small school it has allowed our teachers to give students a more one-to-one learning environment when needed. This has helped me when I needed that extra tutoring in Math or Chemistry when I'd miss school because of sports or club competitions.
Holtville Highschool is a very intresting and diverse school despite the size. Holtville highschool offers multiple programs and allows students to feel safe. I learned that relationships and friendships built with peers, staff, and teachers shape your character.
What I like about my school is that everyone knows everyone and you are well known from all the staff. You makes friends with your teachers too, and grow up with mostly everyone all your life. I would like for the school to change their opinions about showing spirit.
What I like about Holtville High School is that it is a really small school with great teachers. Its a safe environment where everyone can feel free to try new things. Since its a small school I would like to be able to have more electives and more clubs. Everyone helps each other and we all get along quit well.
In all of my time being here, I have never seen someone get bullied continually due to staff intervention. As soon as the bullying starts, it is stopped and the bullied student can remain safe. Since the community is very rural and small, crime is at a very low rate, if any at all. That makes us feel and be very safe
This school has a variety of clubs such as robotics, band, mock trial, cheer, and many more. Regardless of how many clubs there are in the school, every teacher is willing to work in these clubs free of charge and always put 110% of their effort
Many criticize my school because it is very small and restricting to some. However, it is only as restricting as you make it. The school offers a wide variety of classes and extracurricular activities despite its low funding and low student count.
While there are obviously a few bad teachers, most tend to go above and beyond to help the student succeed in OR out of school. They are willing to be friendly and engage with you in productive conversations, yet they maintain the class order and productivity.
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Every teacher has their own way to teach. In this case, at holtville high school, teachers are unique, every different professor has it on way to teach. They really have communication with their students, If something is wrong, they ask them what's happening and try to help them. In addition, experience is the most important thing here, which if you wonder holtville high school teachers have knowledge and experience? The answer is yes, they do.
Holtville high school is the best school in the imperial valley for the following reasons: First of all, holtville high school do not have many students , which it will include 20-25 students per class and I believe it's a good quantity for a class. Professors pay attention,dedicate more time to students time if they have any questions so far. In addition, any student would like to have the attention of the professor, wouldn't they?. Secondly, the staff , teachers, principal , vice principal, counselors, I just have one word that will describe them WONDERFUL. This school have the best people in it. They care about their students, do anything for them. Finally, this school is unique on a way where everybody know each other, look out for each other, help others if someone asks for help. Once a Viking always a Viking. A Viking who cares for his group and will do anything for the group.
To me, I just find most of lower classmates nowadays become more and more childish and annoying.
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