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Holliston High School provides a perfect mix of a great education in a stress-free zone. There are many great and qualified teachers with fantastic guidance counselors that assist students through all four years of high school.
I am participating in XC and track, as well as band, and theater. I am loving it! I have some great friends who do the same activities that I do. Academics at Holliston are awesome. It offers 4 levels of classes for your preference. Last year the school got rid of all the standard one person desks throughout the school, and replaced them with group-type desks for a more interactive learning environment.
In the Holliston High School, students from many cultures and backgrounds come together. As a student, once I came to the high school, I met so many different people and was able to connect with them through wide variety of sports, extracurricular, and clubs the school has to offer. In addition, Holliston High School has a rigorous , but excellent academic program. It offers various AP/Honors classes in which the students get to choose from based on their liking. Some of the classes include: Criminology, Neuroscience, Marine Biology, and Finance. However, this school deals with a few problems. Bees continuously swarm the courtyard outside making it very hard to enjoy a meal in the summer with your friends. Also, the heaters and cooling systems do not work properly or effectively. The temperatures become extremely hot/extremely cold drastically in each classroom when the seasons change. Due to this, students become less concentrated and often fall ill due to the temperature change.
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Holliston High School is a fantastic school that holds itself to a high standard of learning and student wellness.
I really like to go to Holliston high school . The teachers are very good at what they do . Holliston high school has also great help from the community . The high school had a lot of the new teaching techniques and materials on hand to utilize . The school had many clubs to join when I was there I was part of band and the nerd club .
Holliston High School is a lively place. Murals cover the halls and music spills from the courtyard. Students mile about, some throwing frisbees and others simply talking with their friends, soaking up the sunlight that pours through the glass hallway. There is an endless wave of people to observe, each as different from the other as they are alike. We bond over our hatred of the academics and the weariness that accompanies high school. And yet, there is an energy in the air that cannot be squashed. A feeling of hope for what is to come, an excitement for the next adventure, a rush for all that is possible for the future.
I feel as if there are a lot of faculty members that really care at Holliston High School, and the quality of education is excellent, but there is sometimes a lack of passion from the students— many are simply doing what they can at the last minute to get by. Administration and advising are also somewhat disorganized with the spread of information and are not always receptive to student needs.
When I attended Holliston High School, I was lucky enough to be taught by some of the most genuine and educated people I know. I feel as though Holliston paved the way for me to become the successful woman I am today. With freedom to be who I wanted and explore the many options Holliston offered extracurricular wise, I hope my children become alumna of Holliston just as I have.
Holliston High is a great academic environment where learning is 100% prioritized. The staff is very supportive and it is always easy to get answers to any questions that come up whether it is through the guidance department or the front office. All of the students are respectful, kind, and all have a niche for becoming smarter which is one of the reasons Holliston High excels at learning.
Holliston High School as an excellent place to grow and learn and prepare for college and beyond. Holliston is a small town which means the diversity in the high school was poor however people are for the most part easy going and compassionate. The teachers are great and caring and most importantly, know how to teach.
I just moved here last year and everyone welcomed me with open hands overall this is a great school.
My experience at Holliston High School was great. It was very easy to get involved in both clubs and sports, and I was provided with any resources I needed to succeed. The administration allows students a fair amount of freedom and wants what is best for our education. The only feedback I would give is that class difficulty drastically changes depending on the teacher, even though it is the same subject and level.
I like how people rally together for a cause and that the teachers really do care about you as a person. I would like to see more diversity in the staff. Holliston does not have one black teacher or administrator in the district- not just the high school. More subs or teachers to cover when teachers are out so we all not sitting like a herd in the cafe.
The school is very strong in the arts; unlike many high schools, students can be in band and chorus. The music and art instructors are passionate about what they do. Spanish and math departments are sub-par. There are a couple of outstanding English teachers. The adjustment counselor is fantastic. Because of the nature of the town, there are very few people of color in the student body, or on staff.
I am a freshman at Holliston High School. The academics are very good, and the extracurriculars are amazing. The only issue I have with this school is the lack of diversity. It’s all wealthy white kids and Visco girls so that creates for lots of stereotypes. Overall, the academics are great, but the kids aren’t so great.
Holliston High School is filled with teachers, counselors, and advisors that strive for you to succeed. As a college sophomore, I still go to my teachers for letters of recommendation and life advice. This high school prepares you to succeed in college and any next step in life.
I had a colorful high school experience because of the clubs and activities the school offers, and has definitely shaped me as a student because of its academic rigor. It is one of the best schools in the state, and I enjoyed my time there greatly!
HHS is what you make of it. There's lots of opportunity if one is willing to look for it like a student art show, a music technology lab, an IT club, plenty of athletics, a robust Model UN club, and more. The culture is real basic as a whole and there's some low-key racism, however there are some fantastic students and faculty who stand out above the rest, you just have to look for them. I don't know what exactly distinguishes HHS from any other school in metro-west, but this is under no circumstances is this school a place to avoid. The few downsides with HHS are that it's in Holliston, an incredibly boring town, the administration has a very frugal culture (despite being kinda affluent)and brags about how little per student they spend. Also the Superintendent rarely gives out snow days, even when many surrounding towns do. Anyway, I got a great education with plenty of AP classes, made many great friends, and got into a good college. So what more could you ask for?
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Holliston High is an average place to go. Some teachers are tough and could be nicer, but others are fun and engaging. Our academics are fairly good. School lunch has gotten much better than past years. Our sports teams are great. The whole school gathers on football nights and brings out school spirit. The administration is horrible.
The staff is very supportive. Everyone wants to see students succeed. 80% of the teachers there are fantastic. There is that 20%, however, who aren't open to new ideas, aren't listening to students, are sticking to old ways (ie shaming kids), or are simply not effective teachers, and there isn't yet an effective way to weed those teachers out. Other than that, however, the school academically, extradirricularly, and otherwise is wonderful.
This school is a great place if one is in search of somewhere with good academics. The school itself, however, is falling apart from the inside and every time it rains we get water damage. The windows have not been replaced since 1950. The culture is very caucasian and trends are picked up six months after becoming mainstream since it's in a small town. Some people are racist and homphobic, nothing new. Overall, nobody really cares about anyone here and most people are fake. Nothing new.
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