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Holland High School is a small local school that welcomes students and pushes students to be the very best they can be. In Holland High School, everyone knows everybody and there's always kindness and generosity in the community. There is virtually no bullying because there are always people that have your back and will defend you. The teachers are kind and know how to present information that students will understand. Overall I have made great friends and no enemies in my time spent at Holland High school and would refer many people to join this motivational community of Hornets.
I really enjoyed attending Holland High School. The teachers are great, and there is an authentic sense of community. I enjoyed my four year High School experience here, and I will never forget it.
HHS is one of the best schools academically in Bell County. Overall, the teachers, if you do not understand something, will teach you until you understand it. HHS mostly has Caucasian, Hispanic, and a few African-American. Most students HHS participate in extracurricular activities like band, FCCLA, FFA, UIL, FCA etc. HHS created classes to get individuals SAT or ACT test scores up and a class to help pass the TSI for college. The safety at HHS is average, we have been prepared if something happened and how to handle the situation. HHS has very good administration to let everyone know upcoming dates, and events. Parent involvement is big at HHS for football games, band, and sports. During football games, parents, grandparents, and students fill the stands for support. Parents will bring anything the team needs and the same for band. Overall HHS is one of the best schools in my eyes. There is so much support from administration, teachers, students, and parents.
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Holland High School is a small school, so you will get one on one time with teachers and other positives. There are drawbacks to small schools too that are present, such as a lack of some resources.
Although Holland High School has amazing teachers and a curriculum that can prepare anyone for college, the students acceptance for children that have not lived their all their lives or for students that act any different than they do is little to none and when brought to the attention of the administrative staff, little is done to change it.
Holland High School is an excellent school. Everybody knows everyone. Holland High School was in the top 10 schools in the state academically. If someone sees that you are struggling in one way or another there will always be someone there to help you.
the teachers are great! there is a great family atmosphere and the teacher to student ratio is great! the teachers really get to connect with the students.
There is almost always a teacher available for tutoring/homework help. They are very helpful and care about their students. Also, starting your junior year, students are able (after passing the TSI) to take dual credit classes with a community college in the near area. It is an excellent opportunity to get a head start on core classes for college. Students only have to pay for books. Even though it is a small school, the education is fantastic.
What i liked about this school was that, it's small and the teacher's are very nice. If you have any questions or need one-on-one help/tutor, they'll be able to help you after school or in the morning.
The teacher are willing to put in the extra hours after school, they are very as well caring.
Most after school activities involve sports or UIL practice for events at the UIL scholastic meet except in the elementary setting which has an ACE program. There are also opportunities for tutoring in specic classes.
I've enjoyed all of my years at Holland. I've had great teachers and made great friends. There is a lot of respect of the students for the teachers and administrators and vice versa.
Most of the teachers are available to the students even outside the classroom. They provide opportunities for students to make up work that they've missed and help explain things that the student does not understand the first time. They are very concerned that all students understand what is being taught.
the best around always involved always striving for excellence on and off the field
They are always available to help always willing to go the distance with anything that is needed.
What makes this school unique is the overall sense of family. You know the staff genuinely cares for each and every student. They will go above and beyond offering after school tutoring, or even just an ear to listen if you have something personal going on. The focus of this school is to ensure that each and every student succeeds.
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