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Holden High School is a smaller environment for kids that have the ability to have one-on-one connection with all of their students. Class size is not too large giving them an easier learning environment.
There are a lot of outside school activities offered through the school to allow students have extracurricular experiences that help shape them as well rounded people of society. I recommend taking the available ACT prep available for High school students which will help improve their ACT score dramatically and help them qualify for the bigger bracket of TOPS scholarship. Also for more challenging courses available to get college credit while still in high school is a fantastic opportunity.
The staff at Holden are looking for all students their to succeed in all of their future endeavors and I always felt a personal connection with all of them. Leaving High school and starting college I felt well prepared with my education and did not have a hard time adjusting to the real world.
I have attended HHS for 5 years and I like this school, but it has some flaws, hopefully these things would change. Firstly my bus driver would drive past our bus stop in the mornings, and then we would chase after the bus. her excuse was that she did not see us, but later I found out that kids told her that we were chasing the bus. Secondly, some of the teachers would discourage me. I did not have the material I need to smell " acceptable" And so in class periods I would have had air fresher spayed at me by the teachers. Bullying is also a big problem at Holden. One of there students beats up my brother on the bus. We got called names like "city slickers" "gay" " disgusting" and more. I have a friend who does not believe in Christ and he got yelled at for not standing up for the prayer in the mornings. So is it possible to have a moment of silence instead?
Ive been here my whole life. There are great opportunities for academics. My personal favorites: the CNA and MA program.
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The small amount of students in the school allowed to maximum communication, instruction, and transmission of knowledge from teachers. Teachers genuinely care about their students' progress and understanding which will aid them in their future careers and achieving success.
I play basketball , have won muiltiple state championships and am in the honor core 4 program.It’s very hard cores , but is getting us ready for college and the real world. If I could go back and choose another program or course to go through I wouldn’t , because I feel like I’m prepared for college and life in general.
There are may opportunities available to students. They try their best prepare students for college and higher levels of education past high school. They have a zero tolerance atmosphere and handle situations effectively. There are minor flaws in the teacher review and teacher discipline, but overall a top grade school that is helpful, efficient, and above average. They offer several dual enrollment opportunities and chances to get college hours and credit. Each student is held accountable and required to do their best in order to meet their potential. This school is great for people who want to prepare to be successful in their post-highschool education and pathway.
Holden High School is one of the best schools in the state. It offers a very safe environment. It also has some the best teachers which offer a very good education.
I liked the small, family-like environment. All the teachers are super nice and you can go to them one on one and get their help if you are struggling in a certain class. We are all about involvement in our school and are very successful in many of our school activities. They also make very good gumbo.
Holden is a very close knit school. Everyone here knows each other very well because of how small the school is. The teachers a very dedicated to their lesson plans and the well-being of their students. The athletics are outstanding at Holden School. The school, in general, is very accepting to new students and diversity.
Its very small and gives more of a chance to have one on one learning if needed. There are some really great teachers and students at this school and there are a couple of dual-enrollment classes that we can attend and those really help get you ready for college. The counselor makes sure the seniors get everything they need done to get ready for college such as filling out FAFSA forms, choosing colleges, showing us college ratings, etc.
Our extracurricular activities consist of basketball and FFA. In those activities they practice and prepare for competitions. Any other after school activity is costly or unmentioned.
I do like my school,mostly because of the smallness. I love knowing everyone I see. I love being an active part in the school. I love having the chance to be recognized for any task you accomplish.
This year we finally got a police officer on campus. It's been two weeks into school and I haven't seen him yet? Former students are always on our campus, id on't think they notify the authority to enter. Anyone could easily walk to anywhere they wanted on campus.
The school's small so I believe they get a limited amount of funds. Most of the funds go to the athletic department. We don't have musical instruments. Our main office is the newest and nicest building we have. LIke lockers in the hallways are old and beat up.
Our school is small and focused on one thing; basketball. Not just basketball,girl's basketball. They aren't even that good. We don't have a football team. Basically all we have is baseball,softball,basketball, and bowling.
Our counselor isn't very helpful in the college preparation field. Our English and Math teachers are excellent. Our janitors always complain. We are a small school;therefore, mostly everyone looks out for the other. We've attended school together since we were five, we're basically sisters and brothers.
This school's idea of fitness is beyond my understanding. The kids walk laps around the gym most of the time and when they aren't walking they play basketball. Occasionally they will pull out the volleyball net and it wilp be different, but only for a little while because when the floors get waxed for basketball season no objects can ve on the floor because it may get scratched. They rarely go outside for P.E. Thats it for the "fitness."
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There are not many different types of clubs and organizations. M school is fairly small and it does not offer many varying clubs. There are fundraisers though. We have several sports except football because of the school's small size.
The social scene is good. There are rarely any fights and people mostly accept everyone for who they are. The school does not have much diversity in race and ethnicity though. We get one or two foreign exchange students every year and they seem to be the most popular. There is just as much peer pressure here as in any school though.
Most if the teachers do a great job at teaching, especially the math and english areas. There are a few who absolutely do a terrible job and I try not to exagerate on this. These teachers were late to their own class more than twice. But I feel that the majority of the teachers are good. Sonetimes a few of them teach too fast and some left the lights off while we were writing and it could have led to future eye problems but still that is only a few of them. I would say that I get an average education here.
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