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I like most the Atmosphere, coming from a huge school to a school of about 50 all together its interesting. some people are not really nice or but others are so it is ok.
I like the small school spirit, and attention to academics. The only thing I did not like is the lack of available classes. Not much choice of what you take, but classes they do have are very good.
My school has a wide range of online classes whether cooking, Spanish, or even photography. A majority of the school has or is taking an online class. I feel that we, the students are getting the information we need to prepare us for college. The scheduling process in my school is simple for us kids. I don't exactly know about the challenges the teachers/staff go through to make sure we have the classes we need. One of the most popular class is physical education. The students at my school are very active and love the activities, and units we do. Though we do have homework, we still have some free time on our hands at home.
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My school has an outstanding range of intelligent students who accept everyone who joins us at Hobson. My school has many available activities whether before or after school that a majority of each member is a part of. Though there is some atheists, a majority of Hobson schools is religious. My school, like others has peer pressure, but my school, has it at minority.
My school just got bulletproof glass around the front office and we have had security cameras and automatic security locking doors. We have a great cook who serves delicious food and we always have a salad bar. We have a co-op nurse. I feel very safe in my school.
We have many extracurricular activities that students are able to be apart of. The administration gives a lot of support in everything that is done. The best clubs are FFA, BPA, a bible club, and sports. In these events a majority of the students compete well.
My school is in an amazing community that jumps at any possibility to help out at fundraisers and games. My school has had amazing experiences like the trip to New York where our choir sang in Carnegie Hall. We all compete well in FFA and BPA. I have attended larger schools in my past and had a blast. Here, in my class of nine, it too is fun, just not nearly as many people that I prefer. Overall I couldn't be going to a better well organized and welcoming high school.
The teachers at my high school are great. They consider our ideas whether they are good or not. Everyone who struggles at my school try to be encouraging to the students who are struggling and get down on themselves. Our teachers are always there to talk to. Sometimes you need someone other than your parents to listen to your problems. My teachers seem to know our criteria in our learning and always grade fairly, those who try get better grades and those who don't, overn't get as good of a grade. Overall the high school teachers here are great examples of whip I want to be. Consistent, helpful, caring, a listener and are intelligent.
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