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Hmong College Prep Academy High School Reviews

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I love how Hmong College Prep Academy has loving and caring teachers and staff. The teachers are always encouraging students to work hard to get good grades. They also give the students chances of making up a benchmark and fixing their mistakes so they can learn what they did wrong and fix it to have a better score. My teachers care so much about the students and me so we can have a better future. The staffs are really helpful in helping with other students that need more help and doing other things that help keep the students motivated. Another thing that both teachers and staffs do is not giving up on the students and coming to school every day to teach their students something new to learn.
I liked that Hmong College Prep Academy has lots of resources and good food. The teachers are really inspired to help students learn and be successful. Their are lots of opportunities that are given to be a part of the community and participate in many things.
Hmong College Prep is a very safe school. All of the staff here are friendly and have great humors. It feels like a second home to me. Although sometimes having them come and nag you about safety,etc can be annoying but they really care about our safety. One thing I would like to see improve from this school is the lack of electives. I just don't see many opportunities for high school students. Also, I would love in the future that this school have student council or actual afterschool programs. School programs/ clubs. It would be so great for the future students.
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The school has no diversity and is very strict. Students arent able to explore and learn as much as they could from other schools. Activities and clubs are very limited and strict as well.
I've been to Hmong College Prep Academy since elementary and I have seen quite a change. The teachers at the school are wonderful people. The food are well prepared. And education is great. In high school, classes and College Prep(CP) really prepared me for college. But there's thing that can be better. If the school had more elective classes, clubs, or activity for student. I think the student will have something to look forward to, rather than just a require class there taking every single days. Thank you.
The things I like about Hmong College Prep Academy are the teachers/counselors, college fair, and career fair. Most of the teachers and counselors at Hmong College Prep are easy to connect with. They are also willing to talk to you on a personal level. During these college fair and career fair, you will go around asking representatives from different colleges and careers about what they offer. Even though Hmong College Prep Academy provides great teacher connections and college/career opportunities, they fall short when it comes too diversity and electives. Being called “Hmong College Prep Academy” will usually attract Hmong people. This contradicts with the name of the school because in college there will not be one main race. I would like my school to try to appeal to other races and not just Hmong. Another shortcoming is that they don’t provide enough electives for students. In the future I would want Hmong College Prep Academy to try and expand their elective classes.
My experience at HCPA has been great. I love how welcoming and friendly the staffs and students are, it feels like home. The staffs make sure that us students are keeping your grades up and that we understand what's being taught. I love how HCPA provides transportation no matter how far you're living. They provide AP classes, CIS classes, and PSEO. Each year the school takes students on a out of state trip to tour colleges. This year we are going to California during Spring break. They also have many programs and extracurricular activities that will help boost student's resumes. One thing I would add to the school is more electives because everyone has different interests, other than that I love the school!
My experience with this school is great. The teachers care very much about their children. The school often bring in a diverse culture and tradition to celebrate.
I liked how inclusive and inviting the students and staff were. I was a new student and was instantly able to make friends. The curriculum was not as advanced so I was constantly trying to find ways to challenge myself. I think the course load was great. The only thing I did not like was the apparent favoritism for some students. I think that going from a public to a charter school really gave me a good glance of both worlds.
HCPA is a very good school for students who really want to focus on academics and college. HCPA really preps students for college by providing multiple college workshops and college visit programs during the school year and summer. The counselors here are very resourceful and are the best of the best. Overall, the teachers and staff at HCPA are very helpful and you can tell that they love doing what they do. But, this school is not meant for students who look forward to a great student life. Although there is no drama, there are limited clubs and activities to participate in. The faculty will always tell you to start a club or committee up, but there are no teachers/staff who are willing to take the lead as an adult supervisor. A lot of student's ideas that get brought up to the faculty usually get shut down right away.
What I like about Hmong College Prep Academy is that they challenge their students. Whether you are good or bad at a certain subject in school, they highly encourage you to take a higher class. At HCPA, the struggle is real because of challenging class but with the friendly environment, everyone there supports you.
Ever since I've transferred to Hmong College Prep Academy in the 7th grade, or HCPA as we often call it, not only have I been improving my social skills, I have also become better at developing a strong work ethic which can prepare me in going out into the real world. But of course, that is just one of the many great things I have experienced at HCPA.
I like that Hmong College Prep Academy has an overall family-friendly environment. People have a lot to say about our school, some good and bad but as a student there, I feel like I have more to say and evidence to back it up better than a stranger. Before I transferred, I've heard many bad things about this school, like how it was strict about uniforms and etc. After finishing my first year, I got to really connect with teachers and made friends with people who I am still friends with today. As a Hmong resident in Minnesota or even in the United States, not many people know who we are and it breaks my heart that our history and culture is slowly starting to fade as we begin to adjust into American society. My school does a great job of holding and taking pride of who we are, it shows that we are Hmong-American and we're passionate to show that within our school.
Hmong College Prep, is a great school that will make you feel at home. Although there are strict rules you can still have fun learning new things! This isn’t just an all Hmong school. It’s a school that will fit everyone’s needs and will focus on your education more than anything!!
This high school is set on getting students ready for college. They provide PSEO and CIS to help students who want to advance their high school learning to college level education. They also have very good security and school atmosphere. Al most no fight at all, maybe 1 a year or even none and they have good food.
I like how they prep us students for college and how they really make us think about our future. In the future, I'd like to see them offer more extracurricular activities for their student and really encourage them to actually participate.
I started at Hmong College Prep Academy when I was an Eighth grader, I also finished my senior year here. I liked how HCPA is safe and somewhat engaging with both parents and students. Hmong College Prep Academy is very big with their sports. What I would like to see more of HCPA is having more afterschool activities. They should not only focus on sports because not everyone is an athlete. Everyone has their own interests.
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When I arrived at Hmong College Prep Academy, I was very nervous about being around Hmong students, because I don't know much about Hmong culture and their language. However, I got used to it because I get to know my teachers and classmates better. What makes this school very unique is that they're really into their culture and their food is mostly Hmong and American. The problem about this school is that they're very strict and students must wear their uniforms every week (unless they have "Out-of-Uniform" on Fridays then they could wear their casuals). Overall, I enjoy my experience as a student of HCPA.
I loved how this school is caring. They want you to be successful in life. They want you to graduate. They help you whenever you need help. One thing I would like the school to change is having more opportunities to have fun.
Hmong College Prep Academy is a great school for those who want to go to college and really succeed. It is very easy to make friends there because they are a very community based school. The entire school is like a family.
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