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One good thing about Hitchcock is the fact that the school is relatively small and it is easier to build rapport with the teachers but I would like the school to better distribute it's finances between academics and sports as well as pay more mind to the interest of the students.
Overall, Hitchcock High School is very average. While not a bad place to learn and graduate from, there are many places that could do better and offer more.
I liked that the school has a really system of the sports teams being family we have respect for one another and that will never stop
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Hitchcock high school is a small school with very little things to do outside of class. Most of my bad experiences comes from other students and poor organization from the school.
Thay had plenty of activities to join and have recently upped the security/safety. I, for one, enjoyed being in the colorguard as part of the marching band. The people participating were very kind and welcoming. Now, at the hichschool, ID's are required to be inside the building to make things safer and easier.
The school itself was nice and for the most part everyone got along. The people who run the school though are very unorganized especially with events and such. We also didn't have lockers so that in itself was annoying.
My experience at Hitchcock High School was a great one. I love the small school atmosphere where everyone knows everyone. The teachers are amazing and cool enough to go hunting with. I couldn't imagine my life going to high school anywhere else. Now that my four years is up, I will carry the memories made there with me forever.
This schools needs serious improvement in both academics and faculty. I would not let my child attend this school.
The health is not that great since the nurse is like never there.
The extracurricular in this school are mainly sports. There are not that many clubs, so if you want to create one you're going to need a teacher to sponsor your club. But mainly more than half of the students here are in sports so I would say that the students here are very committed to their extracurricular.
The experiences in my school are okay since the school main priority is sports, but I wish the school could bring more arts into the school. I understand that this is a low income school, but that doesn't mean they should spend most of the school's money on mainly sports. The unique thing about this school would have to be that there is no or rarely any bullying. But if I had the chance to not go to this school I would take that chance.
The teachers I had this year are okay with teaching, but most of the time they just give us a book or a worksheet and expect us to understand it by just teaching us about it for a day or two. Most of the teachers classes are easy and chill but you're always going to have those strict teachers with high expectations.
I can't really say too much about the quality of the parents of my classmates, and any I would have knowledge of from school events would be the kind of parent that would attend and support the school, so I don't know the kinds of parents that don't show up these events. What I can say is that the parent groups have a good amount of support for their respective clubs. The band association in particular is very supportive, and it puts in a lot of effort while trying to get funds for the band or getting new instruments.
As with any school, there is a wide range in the skill of the various teachers at Hitchcock High School. While some teachers I've had have been great—they care about the students and can teach extremely well, there are other teachers that may simply be considered inept at their careers. They do not seem knowledgeable about their chosen fields, or they seem inept in their ability to teach, even if they know their chosen field well.
Looking back I realized that I've had some very cherishing memories. There's times that I wished I couldn't wait to graduate and now that that time is here, I wish I could go back and live those times in my previous class years!
I believe the school is pretty safe. there are some things that just can't be stopped and of-course I seen them occur but nothing out of the ordinary.
The counselor wasn't really around and she wasn't very well organized. The office staff was friendly especially the nurse. dress code and attendance was enforced correctly
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My graduating class was very involved in sports. We were a very spirited group.
There weren't very many clubs the only one I was involved in was HOSA. Most of the students preferred sports.
My experience wasn't but it's just the fact that I wasn't well educated. I loved cheerleading and health class but that was about it. The unique thing was the closeness of all the students. We were such a small school that it was easy to get to know everyone.
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