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Hinsdale Adventist Academy is a small K-12 school, with classroom sizes ranging from 15-20 per grade. Although it is small, the classrooms are extremely diverse with students coming from different ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. I enjoyed my time at HAA mainly because of my classmates. I grew up in the school system and I considered myself friends with everyone in my grade. Although I enjoyed the social aspect, the educational aspect was not exceptional. When I attended I did receive a good education on core subjects such as math and science. But the teachers that I had are no longer at the school. I have heard good reviews of the new teachers currently there. The music program at Hinsdale Adventist Academy has a band, choir, selected choir, handbells, and produces a spring musical every year. Overall it was an enjoyable carefree environment, but if you are looking for a school that mimics the college experience, this place does not do that.
I came back here for highschool back in 2016 and it was an amazing choice, I was able to join different extracurriculars and go on many trips. Those trips have been some of my most memorable experiences so far. The teachers all care about your education and they really want to help you succeed.
My experience at HAA was great. I spent 10 years there & was able to participate in many different things - musicals, athletics, science fairs, field trips, mission trips, art/drama classes, leadership/bible camps, and lots of great academic courses, all under the context of a solid Christian foundation.

One of the difficulties HAA has experienced is inconsistency in leadership. It seems to change principals every few years (and surprisingly, it’s been that way since the early 2000s), but I never felt as though that hindered my education. They appear to be actively working on that lately too.

In spite of that, I always felt that the school had a very sincere "family" atmosphere - super connected. The majority of others who attended are very likely to agree. There are good times & bad times, but in the end you look back and recognize how blessed you were to have gone there.

If you are looking for a place to send your child, you will be hard-pressed to find a better option than HAA.
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Hinsdale Academy's christ-centered focus education is on point. The school has been very inviting to our family when we started at the school. The teachers and administration always goes above and beyond in everything they do. Administration is always open to discuss opinions and ideas and always eager to try new things. We have greatly appreciated our time at HAA!
This school is not worth all of the tuition money. The new principal is absolutely horrible. She won't acknowledge you unless she's friends with you or the parents of the student. I have experienced being ignored by her several times while being in her presence. The atmosphere is very judgmental and gives off the impression that they don't want you. Not very friendly people at all. I wouldn't even consider it being a "christian" environment. The teachers are pretty bad too. They do not care about the students success and won't try to reach out to any students who are in need of help academically, and none of the lessons are taught clearly. I've heard from several people that their child had a reading disability or something of the sort, and the teacher had no intentions of helping them a little more or anything. As for parent involvement, the same few parents help out, due to the unwelcoming environment.
Hinsdale Adventist Academy is a very loving and safe environment where students easily feel accepted and validated. It is a tight knit community where everyone knows everyone. Because of this, it is easy to get additional help after school from faculty members and even friends. The school also focuses on serving others which helps mold students into better people. Hinsdale Adventist Academy is also an extremely diverse environment where many different cultures and ethnicities are represented. This allows for students to interact with different cultures rather than being sheltered and uneducated. Overall HAA has a positive environment and is a school where each students knows they can turn to their teachers or peers in their times of need both academically and emotionally.
Fantastic teachers, great environment, kids feel safe, amazing diversity. Hope to have my kids here right through high school!
If you want your child to know they are loved, send them to HAA. If you want your child to be prepared for college, send them to HAA. If you want them to learn values like respect, honor, dignity and persistence, then send them to HAA. Not only will they learn how to critically think and analyses the world they live in, they will understand their role as contributing citizens. This is a wonderful small school where the teachers work out of a sense of mission. They work extraordinary hard to create wonderful learning environments. Kids learn solid Christian values in an academically strong context. I could not recommend it more highly.
Truly a family environment! Teachers are dedicated, knowledgeable and caring. In addition to academics they care about the kids character and spirituality as well as fostering the importance of community service. There is great interaction between elementary, middle and high school with older students acting as mentors for younger students.
The teachers are among the most dedicated in their fields. The Academy provides a strong spiritual environment where academics excel. Majority of the faculty hold a masters or doctoral degree.
Go here if you want to have ridiculous rules imposed upon you, and if you enjoy being treated like a child every single day.
The small campus is nice because you get close to the teachers and students attending. There aren't many academic opportunites; every one in your grade takes the same classes, and there aren't many choices. The religious aspect is there and very prominent, many of the classes have a core of Christianity. It is also very diverse.
Hinsdale Adventist Academy is a great school!
there aren't many of clubs, but there's stuff to do
PE only goes to 10th, but there are lots of sports
It is mostly classes selling largely healthy food.
The school has 0-tolorance for substance and violence
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The teachers are easy and somewhat fun to work with
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