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Education is very good and there are great opportunities. Athletics within the school are taken very seriously. The school has many clubs, including Stuco, Biology club, Girls Learn International, Green Team Club, and more. Very little diversity and can be basic
This school is made out to be an amazing school with a great education. But I really didn't find much of an education. There were a lot of teachers that were not very nice to student and there were a lot of teachers that didn't even know how to teach or answer questions. Also the student life was awful, they are very cliquy and can be very rude to each other. Very judgmental. The guidance counselors are a hit or miss some are good and some are awful. The principal is wonderful, love him. Sport are pretty average, school spirit is really bad too.
I loved my experience at Hingham High, there was a constant emphasis on inclusion and acceptance. The principle takes into consideration everyone and always tries to make everyone happy and satisfied. Teachers are good, of course, there are varied personalities and teaching styles, but overall they are trying to help out their students.
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The academics at Hingham High School are good, with a rigorous curriculum and great teachers. However, there is a very competitive environment, where students feel continuous pressure to excel at academics, sports, etc. The school also has a severe lack of diversity, with virtually every student coming from the same background. Although the academics are very good, I will be glad to leave.
I joined Hingham High School in my senior year because I heard about their rigorous academics, and I wanted to be a part of a community. (Previously, my family homeschooled me for nine years in Alabama. Hingham High was a way for me to establish more relationships in Massachusetts.) While my experience at the school is out of the ordinary, I think my history gives me a unique perspective and a fresh view of the school in general.
They do give large amounts of homework and the culture is very competitive. While both homework and competition are healthy to a certain degree, an excess amount of either can suppress the growth of students. Many students cheat at HHS their way through, and this gives the honest students a disadvantage because the teachers expect more out of the class. I do think, however, that Hingham High does have an intelligent student body that is taught by qualified and passionate teachers. I appreciate my experience at HHS and the people I met there.
All in all a positive experience for my daughter. Hingham invests in their schools and students. Thank you
Although Hingham prepared me for college, receiving good grades is nearly impossible as AP classes are graded too harshly for the amount of hard work that students put in. Stress levels are extremely high.
My teachers remained understanding and personable yet, I didn’t receive much assistance from the faculty or from the students when feeling misunderstood.
Hingham in general is a very white town. The folk here have a bit of money and are typically referred to as entitled. Being of color, my experience here has been mostly dominated by the whiter culture of the area. However, if you find the right group it is all good. The people here from years ago (like older parents, not 40 year olds) are nice and understand. But everyone of this generation and a little above is quite clicky. My class is very separated due to lookism.
Hingham High School prepared me for college in the best ways possible. I learned how to be independent and self-sufficient, while being able to socialize and enjoy myself at the same time. I never felt out of place or as if I had no one to go to during my time as a student there. It was overall a wonderful experience where I made lifelong connections with very important people in my life.
The generally friendly school with no big problems. The difficult curriculum is compensated with excellent teachers who are, for the most part, excited to aid you in getting to college. There is little diversity in the school, however, and there the parking situation is awful
The teachers at Hingham High School for the most part care for their students and their success after high school. The English department does an amazing job of preparing its students for college level writing assignments. There are a wide variety of clubs and activities though many people who participate only do so to put it on their college applications. There have been some issues with the school culture but administration seems to be trying to fix these issues. Sports are a huge part of HHS culture; sometimes it even seems athletics are more important than academics. The parent involvement, much appreciated when needed, does surpass the healthy amount for a high school in some cases.
Prepared me for college! Great special education programs for struggling students with learning disabilities. I would not be were I am today if it were not for these programs. The only downside I can think of is that there is no diversity what so ever.
Love this school! Two small gripes- I think athletics are heavily prioritized and it's sometimes hard for students who are not student athletes to feel involved and appreciated. Second, I think the overall culture is one of nearly toxic competitiveness, something I would love to see changed.
Hingham High School has a lot of positives and negatives. A lot of the people at the school are the definition of “Hingham” and there’s is a lot of pressure from other students to be the most popular or to be the smartest. There is also a lot expected of students and aggressive amounts of pressure from the teachers. Each teacher gives an overwhelming amount of work and expects it all to be done without taking into count the fact that students have other classes, sports, family, and basic needs like eating, and sleeping. Given the amount of work can be physically and mentally draining to students, I feel HHS prepares its students very well for college.
Hated it here! People are awful and so are the teachers! The school looks like it is from the 19th century and uses no technology.
The school had a lot of recources and classes available to students which was very much a privilege. The teachers are all generally kind and have the students' best interests at heart. The diversity at Hingham Highschool is reflective of the community. Students are amicable and the administration works hard to make the schools messages of diversity and inclusion clear. Over all the experiences I had at Hingham Highschool weren't too bad.
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Very well rounded high school with many nationally acclaimed awards. This high school has an exceptional student to teacher ratio and each student is guided through the four years of high school with an end goal of attending a 4+ year college. This school specializes in its English department and has helped many student on their entry level English exams for colleges and is known for its high AP score rate.
I loved Hingham High School. I attribute much of my success at college and beyond to the nurturing and academically focused staff at HIngham High. There college guidance counselors are excellent and know what's important for you to attend the college of your dreams.
Very academically rigorous, yet maintains a great school climate for sports, clubs, activities, and arts.
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