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I wasn't challenged academically until I joined IB my junior year. I wish I was given more academic rigor during my freshman and sophomore years to prepare me for IB coursework because it was a really rough transition. But I'm still close to my IB teachers; they helped me with a lot.
What I have come to enjoy about Hillsboro High School is the staff and community that have been built their. It is so easy to be connected with teachers and staff. What I would like to see change at the school is kids attitude about the school itself. Because if kids attitudes don't change then nothing will ever change to improve it.
My experience at Hillsboro High School was pleasant. I think they need to change the start time to be later and allow students to have more control over their schedule. The staff was helpful and accommodating.
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I liked how the counseling center is open for students when they need any sorts of help. But I dislike how the school is built, it could cause more students to get sick due to the fact that it’s open hallways and gives us more of a chance of someone being able to sneak into the property to harm anyone
What I really like about the high school is how diverse it is from students to teachers. Students are kind and will try to help you work together with you when you need help solving a problem. The teachers tries very hard to make sure you could be the most successful person you can be. They challenge you, learn your strengths and weaknesses, open opportunities to you in order to make sure you are the best person you can be. The clubs and the sports are very inclusive and varies from art to basketball. However, the Hillsboro High School needs to work on their safety and their administration. The school does give an effort to make sure the students are safe, however they should keep more of a close eye on their students. Their administration needs to be more reasonable when it comes to giving out tardie slips and be more updated on the student's reason of absence. Overall, Hillsboro Highschool is a very good school with good staff, students, and programs.
Academics and people at this school are nice and friendly. They welcome you as part of a team. Joining sports, activites or club are even better because you get to know each other and bond even more with each and everyone of them.
Hillsboro High School has the worst resources in the district. People are scrambling for average things given by any other district or school Many of the schools around us are given chromebooks and buildings without cracks in the walls or leaks coming from the ceiling but this school does mainly because we are the main school with the most racial diversity in the district. Though we have amazing teachers who care about what happens to the students they teach. They want each and everyone of us to succeed and they find fun ways to accomplish that. So the school itself isn't so bad it's mostly the discrimination and prejudice it faces that lowers what it is.
The students that go to the school aren't disciplined enough. The teachers become more easy going throughout the year and begin to losen up.
Hilhi and I have a complicated relationship. It gives me the opportunity to develop my art skills, however they screwed me over when it came to choosing my college career pathway. The teachers are nice, and often fight for their students education, however admin are difficult to work with and don't often give students the chance to succeed unless the students fight for it.
Very diverse, which is what I love. Very acceptive, which makes its students feel welcome and non-judged.
Hill high is a very diverse school with minority’s as the majority. Most teachers are amazing. They are experienced and willing to work with you. With current construction though the facilities are at best questionable.
I would love if Hillsboro High School would focus on the students. I feel like there is so much in proving to the district that were a good school yet students are left feeling abandoned when it comes to academics and college prep.
I really like Hilhi's diversity. There are tons of cultures represented throughout the student body and it's something we really cherish within our school. We have several events and organizations that are dedicated to maintain that diversity throughout our school and allows others to learn about different cultures. Something that I would like to see changed is most likely a better representation of College and Career Pathways over the IB Program.
My experience at Hillsboro High school was fun. The school has very good academics and supportive teachers. The seniors here get many scholarships and many students are well-rounded. Though I would like that the school make sure that students take fire drills more seriously.
Very cozy campus, liked the outdoor element, made school a little more peaceful and freeing. Many very helpful teachers and staff.
its a bad experience the food is nasty academics are okay but the teachers suck they dont do anything for students and they treat students like kindergardeners
I liked that the teachers and other staff helped others and myself to succeed. If somebody showed any signs of giving up, a teacher or staff member would spend time with that student and do whatever it took to help them be on the right path to graduation. A couple things I would love to see changed is fundraiser enthusiasm, because there was never enough, and more school spirit as well.
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The IB course were challenging and really helped me prepare for the intensity of Clark Honor College at University of Oregon. My teachers were excellent.
Hillsboro High School focused on unity and diversity. Leadership and most staff focused on letting every student know that they aren't alone. Everyone was welcoming to new students and talked with students when they were needed. Staff needs to do a better job of school safety. Making sure threats are taken more seriously. Students needs to get out of their comfort zone to learn more things
As a student, it is hard for me to objectively evaluate my school, so let me list my thoughts so that you can see where I come from:
-We have some unique electives, but other electives are either cut or underfunded
-Our IB program has been poorly managed this year, from poor teachers to a lack of instructions for DP candidates
-Some teachers are bad at teaching and care little about students; other teachers have been huge inspirations to me and have had positive lasting impacts on mine and others' lives
-The administration is corrupt in regards to our student government and is politically biased
-Clubs are underfunded; sports tend to take priority
-Our school pushes its students to go to college, and never introduces alternative post-secondary education options
-Food is unhealthy; pizza and "bento" meals literally drip grease, and they serve (poorly made) cookies on occasion
-Bathroom are messy, sometimes outright broken, and the outdoor one is locked due to students smoking in them
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