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I hate this school. They don't have textbooks and they are to strict. Teachers and Students are vaping in class.
There’s a reason so many kids kill themselves. We had 6 last year. They staff does nothing if you get sexually assaulted the cameras didn’t catch it and they won’t call the inform your parents. They will search you without informing informing your parents. So send your kids here if you want I guess but just listen to what they tell you.
I loved how whenever you needed help with anything or had questions they would always know the answers and if they didn't know the answers they would look them up for you.
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Hillsboro High School has a welcoming atmosphere. The staff members and students are great people. Everyone has a voice. Hillsboro has given the opportunity for students to be a student representative on the B.O.E. I was fortunate enough to be picked. They care about our opinions, and even allowed the representatives select kids to try and pick new menu items for our lunch. Every student at Hillsboro has a place, somewhere they clique. Weather that be in student council, FBLA, Nerd Society, or Gay Straight Alliance, no one is alone. Hillsboro cares about the academic success of its students. For finals week, student council puts together a “Cookies, cocoa, and crammin’” session the day before finals after school. Teachers stay after school to help students study one on one. A buffet of treats and cocoa is spread out. Hillsboro offers multiple dual credit classes and pushes students to attend Jefferson College for a half day to go to class specifically for their further careers.
Overall the teachers at this school are some of the most inspiring and considerate people I have ever personally met in my life. The only thing I would like change is the school food.
The students at this school are very dedicated to their extracurricular activities. There's a good mix of sports and academic interest groups that people are a part of.
The teachers and students at this school make it what it is. It's a caring and welcoming environment that they create.
The teachers at this high school care about the students and truly want to teach them.
There are many different options for extracurricular in this school. We have a club for nearly anyone, with many opportunities for leadership. Among the most popular are Student Council and National Honor Society. There are also many clubs that partake in community service projects.
This school has a lot of activities and clubs to participate in, and there are a lot of friendly people. However, it is in a rural Midwest town, so there are some people who are racist/judgemental. Taking the people out of consideration, the school offers a great educations with a variety of interesting class options.
Many of the teachers at Hillsboro High School try to engage students in activities. I feel that many of them spend time outside of class trying to find new ways to help their students learn. Although this does not apply to all teachers, overall, I feel that we have a great staff here.
Saftey is a very important factor at Hillsboro High School. There are numerous security guards patrolling the campus and a police officer in the building throughout the day.
There are various different clubs, ranging from Spanish Club to Nerd Society. There could be some more options in my opinion. If presented to a administer and a sponsor is found, then that club can be likely created.
My experience at Hillsboro has been excellent so far. It's a smaller school so everyone knows each other, and most people are very friendly to each other. The staff is very devoted to helping their kids out which is good.
The teachers are great. Very devoted to helping kids pass high school whilst having a good time as well.
They take great care to keep everyone safe.
They have a lot of different groups that are available to students. The groups and organizations are either free or offer reasonable membership fees!
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You do not see a lot of parent participation. The teachers do not include the parents in the learning process.
The teachers are knowledgeable. They give good lessons and the homework relates well with what you are learning about in class.
I feel pretty safe in my school. There really hasn't been a time where I felt unsafe.
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