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Hilliard Memorial Middle School Reviews

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There is a zero-tolerance policy of bullying and fighting so there are very few of these incidents throughout the year and are usually stopped before they escalate. The nurse is very kind and cares for people well. This schools is definitely somewhere I felt safe being.
With a variety of clubs and organizations, students can join groups for leadership opportunities, anti-drug/alcohol activities, community service projects, and much more. These clubs are always fun, with friendly teachers that run them and with supportive and positive students involved.
Many of my classes were filled with my closest friends. Because advanced classes are available, kids like me have been able to further our learning to our greatest potential. Since there are limited numbers to these advanced classes, we are close as classmates and are very friendly to one another. We helped each other out and worked together well too.
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Although some teachers were not favorable, the majority of them were great.
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