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I liked the open door policy the principal. She would often hold town hall meetings for students and parents to ask questions and understand the future of the school. Also, the teachers and office safe genuinely care about the students. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Hillgrove and now that I have graduated it's almost like I lost a family.
Overall Hillgrove is a great school, it cares a lot about students academics. I would say overall my experience at Hillgrove is great.
My experience at Hillgrove has been phenomenal. The Administration, teachers and staff have done a great job in preparing me for the next chapter in my book of life. Go Hawks!
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I love the community and the overall attitude of ambition and encouragement. The teachers work hard to meet the standards of their subject and also expand on topics to get us engaged in the classroom. The administrators and counselors work hard to make sure that every student is prepared for their future and knows all their options.
Hillgrove HS has everything. A broad selection of elective courses, AP classes in all categories of study, dual enrollment opportunities, and great teachers. The sports teams compete on a high level and have tremendous support from the students.
I made relationships with teachers that I will cherish for a lifetime. I was pushed to fulfill my academic potential in AP and Honors classes. I made friends that will be there for me even after high school.
Hillgrove is a great (diverse) suburban high school. Principal Stewart does a good job of ensuring that every student has the resources they need in order to be successful in their classes. The sports program is well organized, but school clubs seem a little chaotic at times. The teachers are generally good resources, and a few are amazing at drawing their students in and challenging them. Being at Hillgrove for 4 years has left me well prepared for college.
Overall a good experience, many times I had to pull teeth from advisers or counselors in order to make sure I was on track to get into college, way too stressful and the counseling department does not take student health seriously.
Great School with good academics. Tons of class options. Good sports teams. Lots of clubs. Nice campus. Diverse student body. Teachers are helpful and engaging.
It is a very diverse school. I enjoyed my time there and built many relationships with the teachers and my peers. Only problem I had was that the teachers seemed to voice their political opinions often and they didn't seem to be culturally sensitive. This was only in a few instances.
The environment of the overall school is a safe and reliable place I can go to without the extra dread of pressure. The schoolwork is manageable, and the majority of the teachers are excellent. The counselors are adept at taking care of the student body, and the administration pushes for success in all fields of the school - like academics, sports, and extracurriculars.
Hillgrove High School is a great school with personable teachers and a friendly student body. Each teacher ensures that their students are fully equipped to take on the next stage of their life. Athletics are a huge part of student life, with most students making it a point to go and support their fellow classmates.
I liked the academic focus here with lots of AP courses available. This school has very good athletics overall and is very involved in the community. I would like to see this school have more medicine related courses/experiences offered for nursing/pre-med interested students to help get exposure before college.
I enjoyed it! The campus is clean and nice and the teachers were kind. There's room to improve, but it's overall a good school
High school is a transition period from being a teenager and becoming a young adult. classes are going to get hard and at 1 point your going to be taking 3 tests all in 1 day but just keep your head up. The pep rallies and sporting events are always a fun time to hang out with school mates and watch your school compete against another.
A great high, with dedicated teachers who truly educate their students. These past 3 years have been filled with interesting classes, taking place in a safe environment.
Since seeing the this school for 8 years and attending the school for 4 years the school has improved.The school is a school where we go after thing sports, keeping grades up, teacher caring. There is no other school like this one.
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Hillgrove High School has been a great place for me to thrive academically, athletically, and spiritually. It has been the opposite of what people say about high school. It has some of the best teachers in Georgia; shout out to Mr. Joseph and Coach Ellis, and strong school spirit. I have met some great people during my time at HHS, and it has a strong sense of community. There are always alumni coming back and talking about how great the school was and still is. I can literally not think of anything I would want to change about my experience being a hawk.
My experience at Hillgrove High School was great. Before attending HHS, I went to a small private school. Although the switch to a large public school was overwhelming, the teachers and administration made it easy for me and helped me with anything I needed. Hillgrove High School helped me to do tremendous as far as academics went. It is a school full of people with many different talents whether it be sports, academics, art, or music. Hillgrove is a place for students with any interests to enter and succeed and prepare for the journey of college ahead.
Hillgrove was a great high school. The band program is excellent and their sports are good as well. Many clubs etc.. to be involved in as well as academics.
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